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Surah Feel

What Is The Message Of Surah Feel? The main message of surah feel (Arabic: سورة الفيل )  is that Allah The Almighty is informing the infidels and the disbelievers of Makkah that he destroyed his enemies led by Abraha (The Ethiopian governor who was ruling Yemen in that era) before when he and his people tried to destroy the Kaaba (A cubic building in the center of Allah’s sacred place inside the most sacred mosque in MakkahBayt Allah Al-Haram”), and he is capable of destroying them as well if they try to harm his Messenger and Prophet Muhammed (Peace and Blessings of Allah Upon him) and his Muslim followers and companions (May Allah be pleased with them).  

Surah Feel meaning

Surah Al feel is introducing the incidents of the Elephant Army invasion of Makkah that occurred during the year of birth of the Prophet Muhammed(PBUH). “Abraha al Ashram” was the ruler of Yemen on behalf of the King of Ethiopia. Abraha thought of building a place (like the Kaaba in Makkah) in Sanaa (the capital of Yemen) to attract the Arabs to perform the pilgrimage there. 

He built a unique awesome Church but what happened was that a man from the Quraish Tribe which was the tribe of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)” came to it and became angry at faking a copy of Kabba, so he urinated and pooped on it and its walls became dirty. This enraged Abraha so he launched an invasion by thirteen huge elephants in his army to destroy Kabba. When this army approached Makka, the Chief of Makkah (Abd Al Muttalib Ibn Hashim, the grandfather of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), Abd Al Muttalib ordered the people of Makkah to evacuate the city.

After the city had been evacuated, the army moved towards Makkah until they reached a valley called Muhasir.

In the middle of this valley, suddenly it was raided by countless flocks of birds, throwing that army with tiny small burning stones dissolving the flesh of every soldier and bursting him into pieces.

And this was the end of the enemy who tried to declare war against Allah and this was how Allah protects his sacred place the Kabba.

Surah Feel reading

surah feel reading
surah feel reading

Where was Surah Feel revealed?

surat feel was revealed in Makkah and the Meccan surahs are older suras in terms of chronology (which means the arrangement of events or dates in the order of their occurrence) these types of surahs were revealed to Prophet Muhammed(PBUH) in Makkah before he migrated to Madina.

When was surah al feel revealed?

As we mentioned above sura feel was revealed in Makkah, and after studying the form of surat alfil we will identify that its structure resembles the structure and form of most Mecci surahs as those kinds of surahs are usually short with relative short verses (Ayat), and usually come near the end of the order of the 114 surahs of the Quran arrangement to be the 105th surah in placement and at the same time the 19th according to the order of revelation.

So sura feel represents a typical Meccan surah and was revealed in Makkah before the migration of Prophet Muhammed and his companions (Sahabah) to Madina, and most Islamic scholars agreed that it was revealed in the earliest stages of the prophecy in Makkah.

Why was surah feel revealed?

It is well known that the reasons for the revelation of any surah are according to the incidents that were taking place with Muslims at that time, and normally were revealed to narrate historical stories and events that occurred with the previous nations to give an exhortation to people to think wisely before they choose to go on through the right path of Allah, or to continue to be fooled and follow Shaytan (the devil) who is deluding them and end in hell. 

The purpose of al feel is an exhortation which is to introduce the story of the companions of the Elephant and their leader Abraha who attacked the honorable Kaaba with elephants to destroy it, and this was in the same year in which the Prophet Muhammed (may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him )was born, and was named the Year of the Elephant in 570 AD, and the surah explained this story and clarified what Allah did to give a clear example to infidels of Makkah and leave them a lesson to think for and to stop attacking Prophet Muhammed and his Muslim companions and to stop declaring war against Allah the Almighty and Powerful who is capable of destroying them (the weak people) and make an example out of them like how he did with Abraha and his strong army, and at the same time, Allah is reminding those infidels and unbelievers of Makkah by how He was kind and merciful when He protected their City of Makkah and saved their ancestors and fathers from being exterminated by Abraha’s army.

Is surah feel makki or madani?

All the Muslim commentators and the interpreters are unanimously agreed that Al-Fil is Makki surah as they concluded that its composition and structure resemble all Makki surahs which are identified mainly by relative short verses (Ayat), and they also identified that it was revealed in the earliest stages of prophecy in Makkah.

Surah Feel mishary

Surah feel benefits

According to experiences quoted by Muslim people, it was mentioned that :

1-If you read surah feel 23 times on the water and spray on the corners of the house, this will burn every demon in your house, and protect people of the house from bad companions, and you drive away the demons trying to delude the residents of the house.

Also, it will stop the devil from entering, and if you sprinkle it on the doorstep of your house once every forty days, whoever entered or exited from that threshold and was carrying any witchcraft, his spell will be voided.

2-It was mentioned also that if you recited surah al feel 23 times after every prayer from the 5 prayers of the day then you asked Allah to take revenge from anyone who wronged or oppressed you, Allah will punish him.

3-If you recite surat feel seven times after the Fajr prayer and seven times after the Maghrib prayer daily, it will tongue-tie those who offend you by their speech and it will make them shut up.

4-If you recite it 23 times when you see a known conjuror or sorcerer and say: “Oh Allah, turn his plot against him and turn his witchcraft upon him by the greatness of your power and vengeance, you are the most powerful”, the sorcerer’s witchcraft will be invalidated for forty months.

5-When you recite it during an outbreak in a war zone you would not get harmed.

6-When facing an enemy, a ruler, leader, recite it once and you quench his anger totally, he can never attempt to harm you for whatever offenses.

7-When you are afraid of poisoned food, recite sura feel and surah Quraish once and blow a little in the food then eat it, and it will never harm you In Shaa Allah.

Surah Feel Dua

Even though the Dua of Surat Al-Fil was not mentioned in any Islamic historical sources by Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), many Muslims quoted this dua based on their personal experiences of using it to take revenge on the oppressors who wronged them and oppressed their rights.

After the succession of people trials, dua surah al feel became common among the people.

Hereunder you can find the composition of surat alfil dua:

“And I entrust my command to Allah. Allah sees the servants. Allah suffices us, and He is the best of the trustee, the best helper, “So he prayed to his Allah that I was defeated, take revenge for me.” Oh, Allah, I ask you by your light, your glory, and all your majesty, that you destroy the one who hurt me as Your earthquake act. 

He made a great deal of oppression, take revenge on him, and make his plot inefficient. And send on him the flock of birds (Ababil Birds) “throwing fire stones from hell” (like what happened to Abraha and his army), and throw him into the great wreckage, destroy him, You the powerful and the almighty. 

“O Allah, the doors are closed except for your door, and the reasons are cut off except for you, and there is no might or power except yours.” “Oh Allah, I and those who have wronged me are among Your servants, our forelocks are in Your hand, You know everything about us, and You know to where our return and our abodes. Our secret and our openness, and you know our intentions, and what in our consciences, your knowledge of what we reveal is like your knowledge of what we hide. Your knowledge of what we conceal is like your knowledge of what we show, and none of our affairs and conditions are hidden from you. Nor do we have a stronghold from you that can fortify us, and no refuge can protect us against your will.” 

“Oh Allah, the oppressor, no matter what his authority, does not refrain from You and You are aware of him wherever his path is, and You are capable to locate him wherever he takes refuge, so the oppressed depends on you, and the oppressed trusts you.”

Importance of surah feel

Every Surah of the Holy Quran conveys a certain message, the importance of this message is based on the meanings of its content which delivers tips and advice for Muslims to follow that will reflect back on enhancing their lifestyle and enlightening their souls.

Surah Feel is delivering us some of these tips:    

  • Al feel is proof that Allah’s house of worship (Kabba) will always be under Allah’s protection. Makka has always been the focal point where thousands of worshippers from everywhere come to this holy Kabba for pilgrimage.
  • Envy is a Disease Which Will Cause Destruction and it was clear that Abraha’s jealousy towards Kabba was great, and this made him decide to destroy it so that people would no longer be able to visit it. Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) warned us against envy as it weakens the soul and destroys the envier.
  • Never underestimate the power of dua (prayer). When Abd Al Muttalib the grandfather of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) prayed to Allah that he and his people are weak to defend themselves against Abraha the oppressor and his army; Allah replied to his call and destroyed all of them and saved the people of Makkah and his sacred place.

Surah Al Fil memorize

1- Study and understand the meaning of surah al fil

Learning the meaning and the stories in the surah will help you memorize it quickly. Read the Tafseer or explanation of every verse and then begin to memorize it. Take your time learning the Tafseer as it is quite fun and fulfilling.

2- Listen to the surah on an audio device

Listen and repeat. If you listen to it daily or several times daily, memorizing it shall become a piece of cake. Listen even during your sleep while your brain is still working.

3- Revise it daily

Use a revision schedule and revise it daily until you know it by heart. Revision is what makes the surah stick to your head

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Surah Al Feel mp3 download

Download and listen to surah Al feel Surah 105 – Stream or Download Quran Audio MP3 – Playlist of 105 Al-Fil by various Reciters (Download).

Surah Feel in English

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
1. Have you not considered how your Lord dealt with the People of the Elephant (- the army of Abrahah, the viceroy of the Negus, king of Abyssînia, at Yeman)?
2. Did He not (cause the war to end in confusion and) ruin their plan (to destroy Kaaba by making it revert on themselves)?
3. And He sent against them flocks of birds,
4. (Which tore off the flesh from their bodies to eat by) striking them against stones of hardened and petrified clay.
5. And thus He reduced them to rotten chaff (and in a similar way will they be ruined who would ever make an attack to destroy Kaaba).

Surah Feel in roman English 

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

  1. Alam tara kaifa fa’ala rabbuka bi ashaabil feel

  2. Alam yaj’al kaidahum fee tadleel

  3. Wa arsala ‘alaihim tairan abaabeel

  4. Tarmeehim bihijaaratim min sijjeel

  5. Faja ‘alahum ka’asfim m’akool

Surah Feel in Arabic

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ
1. أَلَمْ تَرَ كَيْفَ فَعَلَ رَبُّكَ بِأَصْحَابِ الْفِيلِ
2. أَلَمْ يَجْعَلْ كَيْدَهُمْ فِي تَضْلِيلٍ
3. وَأَرْسَلَ عَلَيْهِمْ طَيْرًا أَبَابِيلَ
4. تَرْمِيهِمْ بِحِجَارَةٍ مِنْ سِجِّيلٍ
5. فَجَعَلَهُمْ كَعَصْفٍ مَأْكُولٍ

Summary of Sura Feel

The principal subject of Surat Alfil is a specific historic event. It was the birth year of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) when Allah saved Makka and Kabba from being destroyed by Abraha and his elephant’s great army, sending flocks of birds that pelted the invaders with clay stones and destroyed them.

Surah feel’s conclusion has been summarized in a few points:

1- An indication of Allah’s power by asking the prophet Muhammed about how Allah dealt with the elephant’s army owners when they tried to destroy his sacred and holy place Kabba. 

2-Plots of all oppressors go in vain in the end.

3-Miracles of Allah by creating unique kinds of birds that people had not seen like them before and using them as weapons against his enemies, this is showing Allah’s greatness and that He is the only dominion of the whole universe. 

4-The bad fate facing any oppressor who tries to challenge Allah or try to trespass on his properties.

Related Question 

Why did Abraha want to destroy the Kaaba?

Surah al feel story 

Abraha wanted to destroy the Kabba because he got jealous after he built a church in Yemen in the shape of the Kabba so he could attract pilgrims to abandon visiting the Kabba and turn to visit his church, but it didn’t work in the way hoped and expected as all the Arabs got angry from his act and abandoned his church.

For this reason, he collected a big army with huge elephants and headed to Makkah to destroy the Kabba but Allah The Almighty destroyed him and his army in return as mentioned in sura feel.

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