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Quran Recitation

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Quran Recitation Course

Now, you are qualified to recite the Holy Quran perfectly, with experienced Egyptian Quran tutors. Our Quran tutors are Egyptians, certified from Al-Azhar University, and of course, holding ijazah in Quran recitation from approved Sheikhs in Egypt.

In this course, you will recite all of the Holy Quran. You will learn how to correctly recite it in the way as reported by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). You will start from the short Surahs to the longest ones. In addition, you will be trained on recitation according to the Tajweed rules. Your Quran teacher will set a schedule for you to continuously revise what you have learned to ensure that your recitation is improving.

You will be trained on the Quranic phonetics if you need to correct the articulation of some sounds. The items you learn will be recorded at each lesson in order to help you practice at any time.

In the Quran Recitation Course, you’ll learn:

  • Quranic Phonetics
  • Quran Recitation Techniques
  • Recitation of Short Surahs
  • Recitation of Long Surahs
  • Arabic Diacritics
  • Letters Forms
  • Intro to Tajweed Rules
  • Characteristics of the Quranic writing
  • The Tanween
  • The Shaddah
  • Hamzatul-Wassl
  • Laam At-Ta’reef
  • Rules of Stopping


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