What is the message of surah Quraish? | Quran oasis

surah Quraish

What is the message of surah Quraish? The message of surah Quraish(Arabic: سورة قريش ), Allah is the protective and preserver from all fears in our life, he is the Powerful God, the bestower of Honors who granted Quraish with their neighborhood to the sacred house “Ka’aba”. He is the opener and the sustainer who […]

What Is The Message Of Surah Feel? | Quran oasis

Surah Feel

What Is The Message Of Surah Feel? The main message of surah feel (Arabic: سورة الفيل )  is that Allah The Almighty is informing the infidels and the disbelievers of Makkah that he destroyed his enemies led by Abraha (The Ethiopian governor who was ruling Yemen in that era) before when he and his people […]

What Is The Message Of Surah Qariah? | Quran oasis

Surah Qariah

What Is The Message Of Surah Qariah? All of us know that there will be consequences for our actions. “What comes around, goes around.”, for this sake, we have to behave well in this life to get rewarded in the afterlife. Surah Qariah ( Arabic: سورة القارعة ) awesomely delivers this message; when we are […]

Surah Tariq Benefits & Lesson | Quran Oasis

Surah Tariq

The virtues of reciting surah Tariq (Arabic: سورة الطارق ) written Surah Al-Tariq is that it is one of the spiritual chapters that explain and glorify the Creator’s making and his ability to revive and resurrect. Allah explains, through His verses, the great power to create the heavens and the planets and stars that contain […]

What is the shahada in the first pillar of islam?


What is the shahada in the first pillar of Islam? The ‘Six Articles of Faith’ are accepted by all practicing Muslims, and they must adhere to the ‘Five Pillars.’ They are as follows: shahada,( The Islamic shahada), or Muslim statement of faith. Salah (Ritual Prayer). Zakah (obligatory charity). Sawing or fasting Hajj or pilgrimage. The […]

What can we learn from Surah Maryam? | Quran oasis

Surah Maryam

The Qur’an’s nineteenth surah, or chapter, can bring enormous strength and hope to anyone going through difficult times, religious struggles, or disappointments. Surah Maryam ( Arabic: سورة مريم  ) is full of guidance for Muslims who want to improve their relationship with Allah. The following are key insights from this enlightening chapter to help you […]

Surah At Tin Benefits and Virtues | Quran oasis

Surah At Tin

Allah The Wise and The All-Knowing created us perfectly, and when anybody thinks and speculates about the creation of Man he will wonder a lot about how Allah formed our bodies from nothingness, gave us a soul, mind, and consciousness to be the most beautiful creature in the whole universe. Surah At Tin  (Arabic: سورة […]

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