What is The Main Theme Of Surah At Tur? | Quran Oasis

Surah At Tur

Surah tur (Arabic: سورة الطور, meaning: the Mount), the main theme of surah at-tur is threatening those who fought with the truth. Surah e tur warns disbelievers about the punishment assigned for them on the Day of Judgment and has declared it definite using some oaths. Surah e tur included several aims, and the main theme of al tur the […]

What Is The Miracle Of Elias Prophet? Quran Oasis

Elias Prophet

The Holy Qur’an did not provide the complete story of our prophet  Elias( Arabic: النبي الياس ), peace be upon him, or his miracles explicitly, but there are many accounts about his story, and among those accounts is that he called his Lord against his people after they rejected his message, saying: “Oh Allah, the […]

What is the message of surah Quraish? | Quran oasis

surah Quraish

What is the message of surah Quraish? The message of surah Quraish(Arabic: سورة قريش ), Allah is the protective and preserver from all fears in our life, he is the Powerful God, the bestower of Honors who granted Quraish with their neighborhood to the sacred house “Ka’aba”. He is the opener and the sustainer who […]

Surah Tariq Benefits & Lesson | Quran Oasis

Surah Tariq

The virtues of reciting surah Tariq (Arabic: سورة الطارق ) written Surah Al-Tariq is that it is one of the spiritual chapters that explain and glorify the Creator’s making and his ability to revive and resurrect. Allah explains, through His verses, the great power to create the heavens and the planets and stars that contain […]

What is the shahada in the first pillar of islam?


What is the shahada in the first pillar of Islam? The ‘Six Articles of Faith’ are accepted by all practicing Muslims, and they must adhere to the ‘Five Pillars.’ They are as follows: shahada,( The Islamic shahada), or Muslim statement of faith. Salah (Ritual Prayer). Zakah (obligatory charity). Sawing or fasting Hajj or pilgrimage. The […]

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