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Whether you need to read the Quran, obtain special career opportunities, or get a better understanding of Arabs history and culture, learning Reading Arabic language is essential to achieving your goals.

In theArabic Reading complete course, Quran Oasis’s teachers take you from the basics of reading the Arabic language to an advanced level that enables you to read Arabic like natives.

We present the letters with the most descriptive spellings and not confuse you with intimidating transliterations which use apostrophes and even numbers to represent sounds made by the letters.

Moreover, our native Arab teachers will train you or your kids on reading many Arabic paragraphs in each session. Not to mention that you or your kids will have a great learning experience due to the followed interactive learning techniques and regular quizzes.

Why choose the course?

Reading Arabic Course is considered one of the most popular modern methods used by students around the world, because it facilitates the means of reaching the required educational goals while ensuring the student’s comfort, saving him wasted time, and saving him excess effort.

The system of Reading Arabic Course also solves many of the problems that most students face while seeking to obtain the targeted scientific material, and also gives them many other advantages, such as:

  • Developing the skills of Arab students in the Arabic language by learning the Arabic language remotely by obtaining training courses via the Internet, and they can also obtain documented certificates through it as well.
  • The advantage of increasing achievement through Reading Arabic Course due to the comfort that the learner feels during his session, and his lack of concern for clothing or movement that he had to observe if he was present with other people and directly in front of the teacher.
  • Reading Arabic Course has helped many students understand many things related to Arabic grammar, which were not available before or required in-depth research in libraries.
  • The demand for Reading Arabic Course has become greater due to the availability of all means of learning through a teacher with experience and knowledge, in addition to the ease of access to the required references and books through the Internet with the click of a button, instead of going to libraries and searching for them as was the case in the past.
  • Teachers choose their schedule for the courses they offer by selecting available days and hours in the platform’s calendar. 
  • E-learning platforms provide the possibility of working flexible hours without having to worry about any problems such as overlapping or canceling lessons. The calendar is updated regularly by the teacher and student for the best learning experience.

In Reading Arabic course, you will learn:

  • Learn The Arabic Alphabet
  • Arabic diacritics
  • Letters Forms
  • Vowels
  • The unique method of memorizing and remembering the Arabic letters
  • Basic words reading
  • Basics of grammatical rules
  • How to recognize, read, and pronounce perfectly the Arabic language
  • Read Arabic literature fluently
Reading Arabic Couurse - Quran Oasis

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