What does our Quran institute provide?

Learn Quran Online free

What does our Quran institute provide? Quranoasis.com offers many courses to learn Quran and learn Quran Tajweed, it offers learning intonation and offers Online 10 Qira’at Course, it offers to Learn Quran Online free, and it offers many other services that we will mention in today’s article in detail. Read more: Why learn Quran online? […]

Why learn Quran online

Why learn Quran online

Why learn Quran online? Memorize Quran online through quranoasis.com to memorize and adjust the Noble Quran, your way to endless happiness, where the Quran learning sessions are available remotely in virtual educational sessions via the Internet, where the student communicates with the Quran teacher via video during certain study periods, The Quran learning program paves […]

Learn Islamic Supplications online | Quran oasis

Learn Islamic Supplications online

Learning Islamic Supplications online is Duaa, also called supplication learn it with the help of Professional Quran teachers Online, Learning supplications is necessary for all Muslims. Supplication is a type of remembrance supplication in islam occupies a great rank and high importance, and supplications in islam have many different types, and this is what we will be […]

5 Best websites to learn Islamic Studies online      

Best websites to learn Islamic Studies online

5 Best websites to learn Islamic Studies online, many people search for the best sites to learn Islamic studies for free for beginners over the Internet, and it is no secret that this era has been able to provide many means of science, given the common technological development, and when some senior Scholars that there […]

How to Learn Quran in Ramadan 2022 | Quran Oasis

Learn Quran

How to Learn Quran in Ramadan 2022?  By 1 juz every day you will be easily able to complete 30 juz in 30 days. It might seem a lot to recite 1 juz daily, but breaking it into segments can make it very simple. You can decide how much to recite after every salah and […]

Top 15 Tips to Memorize Quran Fast & Easy

Memorize Quran

Memorizing Quran and becoming a Hafiz Quran is a great honor in Islam that brings the Muslim many virtues in this life and hereafter. Learning Quran memorization and Hifz the whole Quran with correct pronunciation could be a great spiritual, mental, and physical challenge. Yet, being a challenge doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. If so, […]

Top 10 Tips to Learn Tajweed for Beginners

Tajweed for Beginners

Learning Tajweed for Beginners can be a hard task, especially for those whose first language is not Arabic. Yet, Tajweed is essential to learn how to recite Quran correctly. It helps us to pronounce each word and each letter of the Quran correctly with its appropriate entry and exit points. Learning Tajweed Quran is also […]

How to Recite Quran Like A Pro

Recite Quran

Have you ever listened to a professional Quran reciter and felt a shiver in your skin melt your heart from the beauty of his Tilawah? Do you wish to learn how to recite Quran with Tajweed like a Pro? In this article, we’ll guide you through steps & tips to make your Quran recitation correct […]

Top 10 Advantages of eLearning Quran

eLearning Quran

Do you know that over 65% of Muslims now learn Quran online?! It has been proven that eLearning Quran is a very easy way to learn Quran for kids & adults. As a result of the enormous technological advancement that took place during the past decade, it’s now possible for every Muslim in the world […]

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