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surah Yaseen

What is surah Yaseen about? In the glory and majesty of surah Yaseen( arabic:سورة يس ), we will begin to clarify what is in our minds and dive deeper into the meanings and virtues of this glorified surah. 

This is one of the surahs that came with a warning and proclamation for those who disbelieve of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, and admonition for those who live in Allah’s blessings, and refuse ِAllah Monotheism.

The blessings of Allah that he bestowed over All mankind even the disbelievers and infidels, their souls and their offsprings, the sun’s creation, and its rule in our life although it’s billions of meters away, the following of the moon to the sun without disturbance.

 Allah is merciful for all humanity, and he gave his mercy to all his creatures in world life, but he also is the Almighty avenger who has the entire power to torture the disbelievers and infidels.

When was surah Yaseen revealed?

Surat Yaseen was revealed before the migration of the prophet, peace be upon him, and it was narrated that it was revealed after surat al jin and before surat al furqan.

Is surat yaseen makki or medani?

Surah Yassin was revealed in Mecca before the migration of the prophet peace be upon him, so it’s makki in place and time, that’s because the era before migration is called Makki and the era after the migration is called medani, and the only verse that was revealed in Madinah after the migration of the prophet peace be upon him was the verse number 45, and this was obvious through the characters of each verse.

The characters of the Makki verses (before migration):

  1. The shortness of the verses
  2. The beautiful, strong rhyming ends of the verses.
  3. Talking about the resurrection and the hour
  4. Call to worship Allah, the only God worthy to be worshiped
  5. The torments of the infidels
  6. The evidence of the singularity of Allah by mentioning the miracles of the creation.

How many ayat in surah Yaseen?

Sura Yaseen is chapter number 36 in the Quran, and its verses are 83 verses that were revealed in Mecca, the location of Yaseen surah in the Quran is in para 23, and the last Quarter of the Quran is called the Quarter of Yaseen.

How many pages is surah Yaseen?

The pages of Yaseen surah are six pages.

What is surah Yaseen read for?

There are many sayings about the virtues of Surat Yaseen, but the Islamic scholars concurred that all those narrations do not belong to the prophet, peace be upon him, and we will mention some of those weak Hadith as a reminder and warning, that we can’t use those sayings.

  • “Everything has a heart and the heart of  the Quran is Yaseen
  • ” Whoever recites it continuously, then died, he died as a martyr”
  • “Yaseen is for what it was read for”

Those sayings are not authentic hadith, but there are many sayings about the companions and followers about the virtues of surah Yassine. Still, we should adhere to the authentic Sunnah and be limited with the sayings about the Prophet peace be upon him.

Although there are no true narrations about the virtues of Yaseen surah, while we are reading sura Yaseen we will find many lessons and benefits.

Benefits of surah Yaseen

Sura Yasin is full of lessons that will strengthen your faith, and recover your soul, here we will mention lessons and benefits of Yaseen surah:

  • Wise Quran

The Quran is the holy book of Islam, it’s the first legislation source for Muslims, Allah promised to preserve it, and he did, our deep Faith is that Quran is the words of Allah and the constitution of our life.

  • The messenger of righteousness

Muhammed, peace be upon him, was the last prophet and messenger that was sent to all mankind, his message didn’t end with his death, that he said in the authentic Hadith” I left to you what if you grasped it tightly you won’t lose way ever, the book of Allah, and my sunnah”.

  • The patience for the sake of Allah

Allah told us in surah Yassine, a story from the past eras, how the messengers of Allah were tortured, and although the believers knew how far they will be tormented, they were patient in their way of righteousness and called for the guidance of people to the way of monotheism, and even sacrifice their lives.

  • The importance of contemplation

This is inner worship that will strengthen your Faith, here deep thinking of the surrounded conclusive evidence, the absolute power of the Almighty Lord that appears all over the world, the glory of the creator that appears in all the creations that taught us to surrender to Allah, and admit our weakness and need to our Lord. 

  • Believing in the Hour

An hour or the last day, are the expressions of the ending of the world life and the beginning of the life after, we can’t reach our entire Faith of god without believing in them, the Hour is certain, and we don’t know it’s certainly time.

How to learn surah Yaseen easily?

Surat Yaseen is one of the chapters that has beautiful rhyming sounds that strike our ears and open the doors of our hearts and minds to understand and learn, so now we will mention some steps that could help you:

  1. Read the Tafseer of Yaseen surah more than one time.
  2. Divide surah into themes and learn each theme’s Tafseer.
  3. Listen to sheik that read Yaseen in a beautiful and accurate recitation.
  4. You could use a Mind map to make your journey easy.  

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surah yaseen by mishary


Tafseer of surah Yaseen

Surat Yaseen is composed of 83 verses that are separated into themes, so we will explain each theme:

The acknowledgment of the prophecy and the ingratitude of deniers:

This theme is the verses from 1 to 12:

verse 1 Yaseen

Those are Arabic letters, the presence at the beginning of the surah is one of the Quranic secrets, and also it has a beautiful rhyming sound.

Verses 2-5“And the wise Quran” indeed you are from the messenger” on the straight path” revelation from the mighty merciful”

Here Allah swore by the Quran, and only Allah can swear by Quran, that the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and his way is a way of righteousness, and the message that he carry is not by his own, it’s a message from Allah.

Verses 6-12

” to warn those people who their fathers were not warned, so they are neglectful”

“ Indeed, the judgment on them was true, that they disbelieve”

“ Indeed, we put shackles in their neck that reach to their chins, so their heads are fixed up tightly” 

“And we put in front of the barrier, and behind the barrier, and blinded them that they couldn’t see”

” And neither you warned them nor you didn’t they won’t believe”

” That you can only warn those who are following the words and fear the most merciful while they can’t see him, so give them the good tidings of forgiveness and generous rewards”

” Indeed, we are who revive the dead, and count what they did and what they left, and everything we counted is in a clear book”

Through those verses, Allah showed us that Allah didn’t send messengers to Arabs for a long time, and even if there were messengers to them, the disbelievers would neglect their messages and will torture him, so Allah blinded their hearts from the righteousness and left them in their ways.

The story of the owners of the village:

Verses 13 to 32:

Here Allah told the prophet, peace to be upon him, a story from the past eras, about the village of infidels, Allah sent to them two prophets and then the third to strengthen the previous prophets and to help them.

 The people of the village refused to believe and threaten them to stop their message otherwise they will torture them, then a believer from the village when heard what they did to the messengers, came and proclaim in front of all the village.

 He asked them to believe in what the messengers came with, then they killed him, and after he was killed Allah rewarded him by the heaven, and although they tortured him in the world life, he hoped they know his reward, may Allah gives them the chance to have the same reward if they believe.

The contemplation of the glory of the creator

Verses from 33 to 47

Here Allah reminds those infidels by his hand that appears in all the universe, his miracles that spread through it every single moment, and the blessings that are bestowed over them.

He began with the barren land that turned into a green one by the rain to give you the fruits to eat, and how he created them and their animals in pairs to reproduce.

And the night and day, another miracle of the creator and blessing to the creatures, Although the sun and moon are very far away from us, they are servants of Allah, commanded to follow each other to give us the light and night.

Another miracle, the sea, and ships, why the ship doesn’t sink, who taught us the difference in the physical characteristics of the water and the matters which we are using in building ships?!

 Whatever the miracles were clear for the infidels they refuse to believe, and if you told them to feed the poor they remember the miracles! If Allah wants to feed them, he will. 

The resurrection day and scenes from the life after:

Verses from 48 to 70

The question about the hour will be the infidel’s question till the time of the Hour, in the resurrection day that will begin by the shout,  they all will be dead, and another shout will revive them from their death to start the day of resurrection.

 Now they won’t be able to deny now they will believe the promise of Allah and the messengers.

Now we will talk about scenes on the resurrection day:

  1. the first one is about the winners, those who believe in Allah and His messengers, they will win the paradise, they and their partners will be busy with the different types of blessings, decorative beds in the shade of paradise trees, and a special type of reward to them greetings from Allah and peace” a peaceful saying from merciful god”
  2. The second scene is about the criminals, those who refuse to obey the creator and worship his creature” Satan”, they will earn “Jahanam “ the endless fire that they were promised to earn if they disbelieve, that day their hands will speak and their feet will be a witness about what they did in their life.

 All of this was a revelation to the prophet peace be upon him from Allah, it wasn’t poetry, this was a warning for those who have hearts and minds, and the infidels deserve their torment.

Statement about the greatness of Allah, and the blindness of infidels

Didn’t they ask about the animals they eat or ride, didn’t they see the greatness of the creator on them, not only disobey Allah but worship other gods that can’t give them the causes of victory!

And the merciful God knew that their claims would hurt the prophet, peace be upon him, but he said to him not to be. 

Didn’t this blind man see his first creation?

 He was only sperm in the deep place, now, he is asking who will revive the bone trace?!

Tell him Allah who created us the first time will revive us, Allah who brought fire from the green tree, And Allah who created the enormous heaven and earth, he has the power when he wants something he just says to it “be” so it will.

Related Questions

Dua after surah Yaseen?

It wasn’t narrated about the holy prophet peace be upon him that he was saying a particular prayer after reciting Yaseen surah, but we should say, the companions and their followers said that the time after the Quran is one of the best times to say Dua.

 Why should you read surah Yaseen after fajr?

There is no authentic narration about reciting Surat Yaseen after Fajr, and the narrations about this are not true.

Summary of Surah Yaseen

Surah Yaseen is one of those chapters that will affect the ear, heart, and mind, beautiful in rhyming and deep in meaning, that will call your senses to attend in obedience.

This is a statement of the greatness of the creator and the weakness and blindness of the creatures, their first state, and their end, then their revival, the rule of the messengers and the sacrifices that they gave for the sake of Allah, and eventually the torments of the disbelievers and the rewards of the obedient.

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