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fajr prayer

What time is fajr prayer? Fajr prayer is the time between sunrise and sunrise “Prayer is better than sleep”. That’s the call of fajr prayer ( Arabic: صلاة الفجر) written ( Al-fajr prayer ), which is called in Arabic” Athan”, which reminds us that fajr prayer time has come and reminds us also that the worth of waking up at al-fajr prayer time while the others could be asleep is the best.

What is fajr prayer

Fajr prayer” or” salat fajr” (Arabic: صلاه الفجر ) is one of the five mandatory prayers that Muslims should perform every day and night.

 It is composed of two Rak’as, it’s an Arabic verb” raka’a” which means kneeling down, and it’s the individual unit of Salah.

When is fajr prayer?

ِ” One day, someone asked prophet Muhammad (PBUH) about the prayers time, our beloved prophet didn’t answer his question, but he began Fajar prayer, that was when the dawn was broken, and they almost could see each other because of the darkness.

Then in the following day, our beloved prophet began to pray when the sun is about to rise, then he called the man and told him that the time of salatul fajr is between both times”

That was narrated by Abou Mousa Al ASha’ary, Allah please him.

So, the scholars of our Islamic nation had concurred that the time of fajr pray is between the dawn break to the first sunrise.

The time of fajr prayer differs from place to place on the earth, and also from season to season of the year because it depends on the dawn and sunrise.

What time does fajr prayer come in?

In Islam, we have to pray the obligatory Slalah at the exact time that Allah commanded us to pray at.

When the prophet Muhammad was asked about the time of the mandatory prays, he Said that” the time of salat al fajr is continued if the first rising part of the sun doesn’t appear(sunrise), Al duhur time is continued from the time that the sun moved from the middle of the sky and the time is Al-Asr doesn’t Begin, Al Asr prayer time  lasts as far as  the sun doesn’t become pale yellow and the first rising line doesn’t fall down, Al Maghrib when the sun disappears and lasts as far as the twilight doesn’t fall, and the time of  Al Eisha lasts till the midnight”

According to that Hadith and to another one the time of salatul fajr is coming between the dawn break and before the sunrise.

Can you pray Fajr after sunrise?

Our beloved prophet Muhammad PBUH said that” if someone  was asleep or forgot a prayer,  he must pray it when he is awake, there is no expiation unless that”

In Islam, the mandatory prayer should be done in an exact time, and  Fajr prayer time is between the dawn break and before sunrise.

So, we must pray Salatul Al-Fajr before sunrise and be careful to do that, but if we didn’t intend to miss its time by forgetting or sleeping, Allah will accept our excuse by praying it when we remember.

How to pray fajr?

As we previously mentioned, salatul fajr is one of the obligatory prays, that every Muslim should  pray every day, now we will discover the way of fajr prayer as the prophet Muhammad did: 

  • Al fajar pray is composed of two individual units which are called Raka’at.
  • Before the beginning of fajr prayer, we should do ِِِAbultion. The Ablution is using water as a way of purity and uncleanliness removal, and one of the most important conditions of each prayer.
  • Prayer intends to pray ” Niyya” with his heart.
  • Then we will turn our faces towards the sacred house in Macca,  as Allah ordered us to do, that’s called Al Qiblah.
  • Then we will begin Al salat by assuming the standing position,  then saying at the beginning of each salat ( Allahu Akbar), which means Allah is the greatest, it’s called the “opening Takbeer”.
  • At the beginning of the first Raka’a, we will begin with loudly reciting Al Fatiha, then we will recite another surah or a part of another surah.
  • Now, we will begin in Ruku’a by saying Allahu Akbar, then bow down while putting both hands on your knees, here we will repeat in low voices “Subhana Rabia Al Azim” three times.
  • Then, we will turn to the standing position by saying “Same’a Allahu liman Hamidah” which means ِAllah listens to those who praise him.
  • Now, we will begin the Prostration position, prostrate down on the ground and press your forehead and nose to completely touch the ground, here we will repeat “Subhan Rabia Al a’ala ” three times, this position is called in Arabic ” Al-sugud”.
  • Now, lift your upper body up while still sitting, and put your hands on your thighs, that’s called” al-gulus byn al sagdateen” which means sitting between the two prostrations.
  • Then, we will repeat the prostration again.

Now , each Raka’a is composed of

One Qiyam.

One Ruku’a.

Two Sugdau or Sagdah.

  • Now, we will begin the second Raka’a by saying “Allahu Akbar”, then repeat in the same order as the first one.
  • At the end of the set of two Raka’a, and while sitting after ٍSugud we will put our hands on our thighs and we will begin to say Al Tashahud.
  • Then we will turn our head to the right, then say” Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatu Allah”, and then repeat the same while turning our head to the left.

Now, we finish Salatul Fajr but there is something we have to say, that the prayer should be in Arabic. If you are a Non-Arabic speaker, you will need some practice and repeating and also using the translation to understand the prayer but it will be easy after a  while.

What is the nafl of Fajr prayer?

In the previous statements, we were talking about the obligatory salat” Faridah”. Now we will talk about Nafl which is non-mandatory Salah.

Our beloved prophet PBUH told us that ” the two Raka’a are better than the whole world and what is in it”

Here, our prophet PBUH urged us to pray Al nafl of salat fajr, and he was praying it before praying Al Fard of salatul fajr, but after the dawn break not before it.

The Mother of believers A’esha said about our beloved Muhammad PBUH that” he wasn’t dedicated to doing any of the sunnah as he did with the two Raka’ah of Al-Fajr”

The most common chapters and verses that Muhammad PBUH in Al- Nafl of Al fajr were “Al-kafroon” and “Al-Ekhlas” which was narrated by the companion Abou Horairah, in another narration by Ibn Abbas that he used to recite in the first Rka’a the Verse 136 of surat Al-Bakarah and in the last Raka’ah he was reciting the verse 52 of ِAl Imran.

Can you pray Nafl after fajr?

The prophet PBUH saw a man praying four Raka’at in al Fajr prayer time, our prophet PBUH asked him that he prays Al fajr as four Rakaat, but the man said he couldn’t pray nafl prayer before Fajr, so he prayed it after, our prophet didn’t comment which means silent approval.

So, if you couldn’t pray Al nafl before fajr you could pray after, but you would better pray it after sunrise.

Can I pray fajr early if I am traveling?

There are exceptions for praying the mandatory prayers in their exact time while traveling, such as Al Duhur and Al-Asr, here you could pray Al-Duhur lately in the time of Al-Asr or vice versa by praying Al-Asr earlier in the time of Al Duhur. 

Also for Al-Maghrib and Al Eisha’a, you could pray each one earlier or later while traveling, but it’s not permissible for Al-Fajr you can’t pray earlier while traveling.

When can you pray fajr if you missed it?

Our prophet said that no pray after salat al subh (Arabic: صلاه الصبح ) till sunrise, here some scholars of Islam said that praying nafl before sunrise is not preferred and pray it after sunrise.

But in another statement of the prophet Muhammad PBUH that, who missed a prayer due to sleeping or forgetting, he should pray it after he remembers, and also he was praying nafl of fajr if he missed it.

So it’s preferred to pray it after sunrise but you could pray it before.

How to pray fajr sunnah and Fard?

Our prophet PBUH said” give good tidings to those prayers who are walking at the darkness”

In that Hadith Muhammad PBUH was talking about el fagr prayers and Eisha’a prayers who are walking in the darkness to reach mosques and to pray in a group or congregation.

In another Hadith, the Prophet Muhammad PBUH  said that” who prayed Al Subh in congregation he is in good blessed”


 Fagr prayer or Al Subh (Arabic: الصلاة خير من النوم ) is one of the five mandatory prayers, that each Muslim has to pray every day and at an exact time. Al Fajr prayer time is as our prophet Muhammad PBUH said, it”s between the dawn break and before sunrise.

Our Prophet Muhammad said the Two RAka’a of al-Fajr are better than the world and what in it, that’s about Nafl and he hadn’t ever missed them, and if he missed them he will pray them.

Fajr prayers are in the god bless and will have good tidings from Allah.

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Related questions

Can I pray Isha before Fajr?

As the prophet PBUH said, the time of Al Eisha’a is till midnight,  so if you will pray after midnight it will be Qaza. And if you do so with the intention, you will have guilt.

How to pray after sunrise?

If you made your effort to pray Al fajr in time but you couldn’t awake or forgot you can pray Al Fajr after sunrise.

The companions of the prophet PBUH said that the order is to pray Nafl and then Fard.

How to pray fajr Qaza with zuhr?

If you can’t pray Al fajr in time due to forgetting or sleeping, you will have to pray it when you remember or to be awake.

It’s preferred to pray it in the same order fajr, then zuhr.

Is it ok to pray fajr after sunrise?

Here we can split our answer into two answers:

  • The first one for Fard no it’s not ok, because the time of Al fagr that Allah determined to pray in is before sunrise, but if you missed it by sleeping or forgetting there is no Guilt on you.
  • In the case that you forgot to pray sunnah before fagr, it’s preferred to pray it after sunrise.
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