How do you teach your children to Islamic prayer (salah)?

teach your children to pray

How do you teach your children to pray? Islamic prayer is the pillar of religion, the balance of the believer is with Allah of the worlds, and his farmer is in the two worlds, and with righteous prayer fixes the rest of the believer’s work, and whoever neglects prayer is lost to anything else, and whoever preserves it from his youth, does not leave it in his old age, and in our article, we will read, Allah willing, the most important things in How do you teach your children to pray?

How do you raise your children in Islam? Uprightness in the way of Allah is one of the actions that Allah Almighty loves. The Muslim educator begins by accustoming the child to worship from an early age. And cultivating the love of obedience and hatred of evil in a child while he is young, he grows with him.

How do you teach your children to Islamic prayer?

In the following lines, we will mention how you teach your children to pray:

Responsibility for teaching prayer to children and Learning Quran online:

  • Undoubtedly, the responsibility of teaching prayer to children at a young age is the responsibility of parents, educators, and teachers.
  • But the greater responsibility lies with the parents in endearing prayer to the children.
  • Because the child grows up between them and under their care until he reaches the age of seven to learn from school.
  • If he grows up a little, the environment around him and everything in it becomes one of the biggest influences on his psyche and behavior.
  • Then the child takes less than his parents at that stage.
  • Therefore, if the parents are good at raising their children before ten, its effect will be apparent on him later.
  • If the parents did not improve their upbringing during this period.
  • The matter became more difficult and the matter needed more care, patience, and education.
  • Noting that the laws of the religion should be learned by children gradually and sequentially so that they are easy for them.
  • It begins with teaching it before the time of its obligation to them.

When to teach a child to Islamic prayer?

  1. Teaching a child to pray begins early from when the child’s awareness appears, so we turn to him with education.
  2. This begins at the age of three, or at the time when the child begins to imitate (imitate) his parents’ behavior.
  3. If the father prays some of the prayers and the mother performs all the prayers at home, then it is natural for him to imitate them in that
  4. Note that this education should not be accompanied by an order or an obligation at all.
  5. Nor with anything of severity, cruelty, or intimidation. It is sufficient to encourage him, and imitation and imitation will suffice.
  6. Which appears from him in prayer or other positive things, and if he wants to, he is encouraged.
  7. By letting him know that he has done something worthy of honor or reward.
  8. He develops the idea that this prayer is a great and important thing.
  9. And this is as we said from the moment the child becomes aware and imitates the behavior of his surroundings.

Praying for children is the best way to teach your children to Islamic prayer

  • We must note important things in the psychology of children at this age.
  • As the child likes to have fun and have fun, especially at this age.
  • Teaching him is for the sake of his enjoyment and training him to be happy and happy with the movements of prayer.
  • Where the child will understand later when he grows up and his perceptions expand that they are movements and duties of servitude that Allah Almighty commanded His servants to do.
  • Children’s imitation of adults makes him enjoy and find the pleasure of imitating adults, so he feels mixed with them.
  • Then this feeling pushes him to satisfaction and reassurance of what he is doing.
  • And that he does the act of adults, and we also warn with great caution that we do any negative or immoral act because the child, as we said, is also ready to imitate and imitate it.
  • This is a grave mistake that most parents make in front of their children, and children are deviated by this indifference with which parents fall.

Encouraging children to Islamic prayer:

  1. The elements of education as mentioned by the scholars: gradualism, continuity, patience, and follow-up.
  2. These matters must be taken into consideration by the parents while raising their children to pray.
  3. As for the command to pray and encourage it, it begins at the age of seven.
  4. But without the parents directing him with force and insistence, as we mentioned.
  5. Then it is obligatory at the age of ten, these are three life stages that a child passes through.
  6. Parents gradually guide their children and children to this duty.
  7. Which strengthens their internal religious determination later on.

Intimidating children about Islamic prayer:

  • A child is not taught only by intimidation Especially at the age of seven or earlier to ten.
  • In these stages of life, the educator must strike a balance between encouragement and intimidation regarding prayer.
  • Sometimes he sits with him and tells him the benefits and fruits of prayer in a soft way so that he gets used to performing it, and this is also part of the encouragement.
  • On the other hand, if he notices his shortcomings in the matter of prayer.
  • He will intimidate him and force him with mitigation, such as deprivation, for example.
  • Or abandonment and intimidation of disobeying Allah Almighty and other appropriate methods.
  • It does not rise to the point of compulsion to act, but rather it is a non-continuous treatment mixed with the original, which is love, encouragement, and encouragement.

What are the characteristics of a Muslim? The true believer is just with himself and with others, protecting himself from sleeplessness, boredom, grumbling, indifference, and negativity.

Beautiful methods that can be followed in the education of Islamic prayer :

  1. The use of various methods of education in prayer, once by the method of encouragement and encouragement.
  2. And once in a way of reward and praise.
  3. If he falls short during that period in prayer or in others, we try to justify him in a way that activates the positive action so that he sees the shortcoming as a negative condition to which he should not return.
  4. Or he is punished with what is called negative reinforcement.
  5. So he delays going out for the weekly break or picnic or is deprived of it for a week or something like that.
  6. Reducing the cost of obligating the child to perform the act.
  7. So that, for example, we perform the ablution together with the child.
  8. So we talk to him, then we go to the prayer rug by being gentle and conversing with him in an interesting way that attracts the child to perform the prayer.
  9. The child will be relieved of the hardship of ablution, for which he may be lazy and enjoy going and coming and going.
  10. Especially at the beginning of education, then he is praised for his goodness in ablution and not being extravagant with water, for example, and that he became clean and beautiful after ablution.

Islamic prayer steps

In the following lines, we will mention how you teach your children to Islamic prayer and Quran reading:


  • The child imitates everything he sees. Have him watch you, his mother, and his older brothers, as you pray.
  • Repetition of the scene in front of the child since his childhood makes him get used to it and practice it by instinct without guidance.
  • You find the child at the age of one year imitating his parents and standing next to them during the prayer to imitate the movements just because it is a scene that is repeated in front of him 5 times a day.


  1. When the child reaches the age of understanding, share his prayer with him.
  2. And ask him calmly if he has performed the obligatory prayer.
  3. And if the answer is “no”, invite him to pray together and receive the greatest reward.
  4. There is no objection to the family’s participation to perform every obligatory duty.


  • Tell the child stories related to the reward for performing the duties and what obedience does to raise the status of the obedient to his Lord in this world and the hereafter.
  • Make sure that all stories are positive in the sense that they are told about the reward and the good reward for those who obey.
  • And do not terrify him with the punishment of neglect or of prayer until he performs the obligatory prayer with love.
teach your children to pray
teach your children to pray


Do not try to pressure the child with violent methods, make him pray comfortably so that he does not alienate your style and abandon prayer, as the method of guidance is very important.

Goodness and prayers

Teach the child that supplication and goodness are worship and that by his prayer he draws closer to Allah.

He supplicates with whatever he wants to receive it and asks for everything from Allah to establish in him the certainty of Allah so that his purpose of prayer is to meet Allah.


  1. Connect everything that happens from goodness and success to prayer.
  2. Always say that our Lord helped me to pray and that Allah answered my prayer in prayer and granted me what I wished for.
  3. Thus, the child loves to pray because of the good in it.


Make the child his own prayer rug and robes as well, this privacy is loved by children and he likes to use his own purposes alone.

A day in the life of the Prophet of Allah never raised lunch for dinner, or dinner for lunch, and he never took from anything two pairs, neither two shirts nor two cloaks.

How do we get our children used to Islamic prayer?

  • We have learned the place of prayer in Islam and Memorize Quran, so we must know that accustoming the child to prayer is a vital goal in the child’s faith education.
  • We remind that childhood is not a stage of the assignment.
  • But rather a stage of preparation, training, and accustoming to reaching the stage of assignment at puberty.
  • Which makes it easier for the child to perform duties and obligations.
  • At the beginning of the child’s awareness, the parents ask him to stand with them in prayer.
  • There is nothing wrong with the father or the mother holding their child in prayer when there is fear for him.
  • Especially if there is no one at home to play with him.
  • And we must not Nhar the child at this stage of what might happen to him to the worshiper.
  • Teach the child some simple rules of purity, such as the importance of guarding against uncleanliness such as urine and others.
  • How to clean himself and the etiquette of relieving himself, and the need to maintain the cleanliness of his body and clothes, with an explanation of the relationship of purity to prayer.
  • Teach the child Al-Fatihah and some short surahs in preparation for prayer.
  • Teaching him ablution, and training him on it in practice.
  • As the Companions, may Allah be pleased with them, used to do with their children.

How do we treat children?

  1. The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, urged him to use kindness in everything.
  2. Let our motto be kindness and compassion.
  3. Anyone who directs children should avoid too many commands.
  4. The child must be rewarded for good behavior with moral rewards such as showing satisfaction, or other material rewards.
  5. In the event of a child’s mistake, he must be alerted to his mistake gently and softly.
  6. And the correction should be made.
  7. If he repeats the mistake several times, he can be deprived of some of what he loves.
  8. If it continues, it is possible to resort to the method of reprimand.
  9. But without insulting or humiliating, especially in front of relatives and friends.
  10. Because this leads to a feeling of inferiority.

Steps to teach Islamic prayer to children

  • Perform ablution in front of the child, and repeat the ablution process several times.
  • Then the child is asked to perform ablution.
  • If the child makes a mistake during that, he is guided and corrected.
  • The direct viewing method is one of the most successful methods of education.
  • Giving the child a small reward when he performs ablution well.
  • It will be better if this award is what the child tends to and what is of interest to him.
  • Refrain from abusing the child when he commits a mistake; Because it is still being studied.
  • Directing the child to the necessity of physical and psychological purity.
  • And an explanation of the great reward for ablution.

Praying in front of a child is the best way to teach your children to pray

  1. The child should be taught to pray, by starting to pray in front of him.
  2. It must be a humble and well-performed prayer, and this must be repeated for several days.
  3. And all this is in order to accustom the child to perform the movements of prayer.
  4. Parents start doing this from a young age because the child is naturally tempted to imitate his parents in everything.
  5. He imitates his parents in the way he eats, drinks, speaks, and so on.
  6. So when the child reaches the age of seven, he is instructed in the pillars of prayer, and its Sunnahs.

Taking a child to the mosque is the best way to teach your children to Islamic prayer

  • One of the most successful ways for a child to learn proper prayer is by watching what worshipers do in mosques.
  • Therefore, it is desirable for the father to get accustomed to accompanying his male children to the House of Allah after they reach the age of seven.
  • This is so that he becomes familiar with prayer.
  • And makes his heart attached to it and the mosque.
  • And so that prayer becomes ingrained in his mind.
  • Even if he grows up and reaches puberty, prayer becomes part of his life.
  • He may have been accustomed to going to mosques, sitting with the righteous, and learning from them.


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