How do you raise your children in Islam?

How do you raise your children in Islam

How do you raise your children in Islam? One of the most important foundations for raising children in Islam is to teach them about their religion and to try it with them from an early age, gradually, as children begin to imitate parents in prayer movements and fasting for some parts of the day.

characteristics of a good Muslim The Muslim should be a role model for others, in what he calls to, or forbids, in terms of qualities and actions, Why does a good example have a good effect?

The concept of education in Islam

The upbringing of the Muslim and his complete preparation in all its aspects, for my life in this world and the hereafter in the light of Islam, and if you wish, say: It is the integrated formulation of the individual and society according to the law of Allah.

Aspects of Islamic education

  • Education has different aspects, there is faith education, moral education, physical education, mental education, psychological education, social education, sexual education, and others.
  • That is, we must understand that education is not limited to raising the body only.
  • And it is not limited to introducing the child to some morals and manners only, but it is broader and more comprehensive than this.

The importance of raising children Islamic education

  1. Following the example of the Prophet and the Companions and those who came after them from the righteous predecessors in raising their followers, and by knowing how they brought up their followers, we will know how we raise our children.
  2. The current state of the nation: the one who looks at the reality of the nation finds a bad situation that it has not experienced throughout advanced times.
  3. Many principles of islam are about to be executed in some Islamic countries, and through education, this situation can be addressed.
  4. Through education, the child’s self-immunity is created, so that he is not affected by the corresponding desires and suspicions.
  5. Because it strengthens his observance of Allah, so he does not violate the sanctities of Allah if he is alone with them.
  6. He is not affected by the desires that have become so adorned in this era that they come to the Muslim even if he does not, nor by the suspicions that may arise in his mind.
  7. Education is important to bear the adversities, calamities, and temptations that a child may face in the future of his life.
  8. Education prepares the child to perform the role entrusted to him, his role for the benefit of himself and the benefit of his community and nation.

How do you raise your children in Islam on Islamic morals?

In the following lines, we will mention how do you raise your children in Islam:

  • The importance of education is evident in the presence of a fierce campaign to corrupt society by the enemies of Islam.
  • The existence of this campaign must be matched with the education of the children so that they can pay for themselves and their society.
  • Education achieves the intellectual security of the child, keeping him away from extremism, and protecting him from anti-Islamic ideas, such as secularism and others.
  • Education is important for the failure of other educational institutions to perform their educational function, such as the school and the mosque.
  • The existence of some diseases that have spread in the nation is caused by failure or neglect of education.
  • Vandalism, adornment, drugs, harassment, and others spread due to neglect or failure in education.
  • Education is a means to lead a child to higher ideals, such as altruism, patience, and benevolence to others.

What are educational institutions?

Education is not limited to parents only, there is a school besides the family, and there is the mosque.

There are youth gatherings, whether valid or not, and there are the media and others, all of these mentioned participate in the education process.

How do you raise your children in Islam in the right ways

  1. Choosing a good wife and a good husband is the first step to a proper upbringing.
  2. Praying that Allah blesses him with righteous offspring, and this is before he is blessed with children.
  3. What he should do if he had a baby, such as a call to prayer in his ear, his neck, shaving his head, choosing a good name for him, the aqeeqah on his behalf, and circumcision.
  4. Praying for children to be righteous after their existence, and the prophets were concerned with that.
  5. Not to frighten the boy with the genie, the darkness, and the thief, especially when he is crying.
  6. Enable him to mix with others, if he is not afraid of them.
  7. He should not be insulted or humiliated, especially in front of his brothers, relatives, or foreigners.
  8. Not to be called out with bad words like you fool.
  9. Warn him of the mistake gently and gently, and not punish him if he makes a mistake the first time.
  10. Moderation in the love of the boy, by making him feel his love without excessive pampering, Take precautions when the new baby arrives.

A day in the life of the Prophet According to some walking, he used to start in the last third of the night, so the first thing that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, did when he woke up from his sleep.

And he is the one whose eyes sleep but his heart does not sleep – is that he remembers Allah Almighty and praises Him.

How to raise children to ask permission?

  • The older child is allowed to help his mother in bringing the new child’s clothes, and he is allowed to pet him so that he does not feel grudge against him.
  • Achieving justice among children.
  • Not allowing a son or daughter to wear trousers after the age of approximately seven.
  • Separating the girls from the boys, each in a separate room, or separating the beds if they are in the same room.
  • He should ask permission when entering his parents, especially in the bedroom.
  • If the boy sleeps with his parents, he should be very careful not to see them in sexual intercourse, even if he is young.
  • The mother does not appear in front of her children when she has shown her charms, by wearing short or transparent clothes, and her daughters do not wear that.
  • Teach the child to lower his gaze.
  • He does not see his sister or see him in the bathroom, and they do not both enter the bathroom.
  • Accustom him not to reveal his private parts, and not to allow others to see them.
  • Not allowing him to enter women’s weddings and women’s markets if he is male.
  • He is not allowed to watch pornographic films, pictures, and degrading magazines, or read love stories.
How do you raise your children in Islam
Raise your children in Islam

How do you raise your children in Islam with faith and belief?

  1. Teaching him the pillars of faith and the pillars of Islam, and belief in unseen matters, such as the grave, its bliss, and its torment, and that there is heaven and hell.
  2. He also drew his attention to the omnipotence of Allah in all things Learn Quran with Tajweed.
  3. If he saw the sea, he said: Who created it? Who created the great mountains and large animals? And so on.
  4. Develop the love and fear of Allah in oneself, And that is by dedicating every blessing to Allah, warning against Allah punishment, and being afraid of Him.
  5. On righteous deeds, by teaching him the prayers and the Quran, and reverence in them, and the remembrances and so on.
  6. Read some verses and hadiths of encouragement and intimidation, and explain what is possible.
  7. Recording it in an episode of the circle of Memorizing Quran, and following it up in that.
  8. Take him to visit the cemetery, or visit the hospital.

How do you raise your children in Islam with good manners

  • Raise him on honesty and trust, integrity and altruism, helping the needy, honoring the guest, and other well-known good qualities.
  • He educates him to avoid bad manners such as lying, swearing, insults, and ugly words.
  • Reading some hadiths that encourage good morals and Memorize Quran.

How to raise children to take into account the rights of others?

  1. He is raised observing the rights of parents, so he does not walk in front of them and does not call them by their abstract names like this.
  2. Do not link your son’s respect for you to the abundance of what you give, but link it to your right over him that Allah has legislated.
  3. Raising children on the ties of kinship, the right of the neighbor, the right of the teacher, the right of a friend, the right of the elder, and so on.
  4. Raising him to adhere to social etiquette, he takes into account the etiquette of food, the etiquette of peace.
  5. The etiquette of asking permission, the etiquette of the assembly, the etiquette of speech, and another etiquette.
  6. His upbringing is to enjoin good and forbid evil, and this is done by overcoming shyness and fear.
  7. Preparing a good school, good companionship, and cooperating with them in raising a child.
  8. Raising him on self-confidence, accustoming him to boldness, courage, and frankness, and giving him freedom of action.
  9. Taking responsibility, doing things according to his growth, taking his opinion and advice.
  10. And accustoming him to the fact that his suggestion or opinion should not be taken into consideration.
  11. Education is to sacrifice for this nation and to seek reward with Allah.
  12. Educating himself on self-control when angry.
  13. Avoiding the causes of anger if it is small so that anger does not become a habit for him.

How do you raise your children in Islam on respect?

In the following lines, we will mention how do you raise your children in Islam:

  • Avoid fluidity, decay, and effeminacy.
  • Accustom him to Alkhoshan and not indulge in enjoyment.
  • Warning against blind imitation.
  • Forbid listening to music and singing.
  • Fill his void with what is useful.
  • Choosing good friends.
  • Teaching him the biography of the Prophet _ may Allah bless him and grant him peace – and the life of the righteous predecessors to follow their example.
  • Learn Quran him what he needs from Islamic sciences and beautiful literary poems.
  • Exposing to the boy the plans of the enemies of Islam.
  • Praising the civilization of Islam, and instilling a spirit of longing in the child to restore it.
  • Teach the child to keep time.
  • Graduation in the discipline.

How to raise children in Islam correctly?

In the following lines, we will mention how do you raise your children in Islam:

Good example

  1. It is one of the most effective means of upbringing because the boy looks at his educator and what he does, and benefits from his actions more than what he says.
  2. If a boy sees his educator forbidding him to do something and then doing it, how can the boy stop doing this?
  3. The educator is supposed to be a role model for those who raise them.
  4. For example: If he gives the call to prayer, keep quiet to repeat with the muezzin, and quickly perform ablution, and take them with you to prayer.
  5. If someone calls on the phone, do not tell them to say that I do not exist.
  6. Because you will get them used to lie.

Observation and observation

A father should not neglect his child, rather he should notice and watch him without the child realizing it.

Whether the boy is a son or a girl, he watches his going to school and his return from school.

And he monitors his books, his library, his drawers, and so on.

This should be in a very secret manner, and by observation, I do not mean to be microscopic of their actions.

But what is required is not to be negligent, and also to be watching from a distance without the child feeling this.


He warns him of the various kinds of sins that he may fall into.

And warn him of evil and its people, the reasons for falling into it.

And the methods of its people in causing others to fall into it.

For example, if he warns his daughter when she hears an opposite, she responds to him.

Or that you allow him to speak to her, rather she teaches to turn off the speaker directly.

Memorization Quran

By teaching him, for example, Memorization Quran, some hadiths, supplications, and remembrances.

And what does he say to his parents if he sees them? And what does he say to the guest if he comes and so on?!

Enticement and intimidation

By encouraging him sometimes with a kind word, and sometimes with a gift.

He may resort to intimidating him and scaring him from doing something or leaving something.


  1. He exhorts him well as if beginning to plead, O my son and my daughter.
  2. And perhaps he will tell him a story in which there is a lesson and an exhortation.
  3. The question and answer may be used with it; It is as if he says: Do you not want heaven, do you not fear Hell?
  4. He can take advantage of occasions and take advantage of situations.
  5. Such as seeing heavy crowds and reminding him of the Resurrection.
  6. Or he sees him happy with the result of the exam, so he says to him.
  7. For example, Allah willing, you will be happy in the hereafter as well as long as you obey Allah.
  8. Thus, it is necessary to be economic in the sermon and not to overdo it so that the child does not get bored.

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