What are the characteristics of a Muslim?

characteristics of a Muslim

What are the characteristics of a Muslim? A characteristic of a good Muslim is a peaceful person, whether he is with those who adhere to his religion or other than his religion. As for the second characteristic, it is the characteristic of honesty, whether, in words or actions, he is committed to himself, and the third characteristic is to be a good example to others, and the fourth is to be a person of virtuous morals and good intentions, and in the following lines We will mention the characteristics of a Muslim.

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What are the characteristics of a Muslim?

In the following lines, we will describe the characteristics of a Muslim in detail:


  • The creation of honesty is one of the complements of belief in Allah – the Highest – and the Messenger of Allah – may Allah bless him and grant him peace – has commanded us to seek honesty, which is the conformity of news with what it is in reality.
  • A Muslim must be truthful in his words and truthful in his actions, and he must treat all people as honesty.
  • Lying is one of the characteristics of hypocrites, and it is telling what is contrary to reality


  1. Trust is a character urged by Islam and it is against betrayal.
  2. It is one of the duties of a Muslim that must be characterized.
  3. The elements of trust are three:
  4. To forgive a Muslim for what he has no right to.
  5. To perform the rights of others that he has.
  6. Not to waste the secretariats by neglecting them, neglecting their preservation, and not maintaining them.


  • The best and highest type of modesty is modesty from Allah Almighty, and it is one of the branches of faith.
  • And modesty does not return to its owner except with good.
  • It is a morality that prevents its owner from doing the disgraceful thing.
  • The relationship between modesty and faith is one of constant growth.
  • The more faith increases in the heart of the believer.
  • The more his shyness from Allah Almighty increases and his shyness from people increases.
  • Modesty is one of the attributes of the Prophet.

The vineyard – characteristics of a Muslim

  1. Giving and generosity are characteristics of faith, for Allah is generous and loves generosity.
  2. And the generous one is close to Allah and close to people.
  3. But scarcity and prevention is a disease of the heart.
  4. It is one of the sins and doomsdays, for generosity attracts the hearts of people to the generous spender.
  5. Miserliness alienates people from its owner.


  • Allah – the Highest – has commanded justice, which is to give everyone who is entitled his due.
  • He did not send a prophet but He sent down the scale with him to judge between people with truth and justice.
  • Justice has many benefits, including:
  • Allah Almighty has made it the scale by which He judges between people.
  • Whoever is characterized by justice receives the love of Allah.
  • Justice is the cause of intimacy between the ruler and the ruled.
  • Justice is the reason for the cohesion of societies.
  • One of the reasons for non-Muslims to enter Islam.


Virtues: It is “the use of every good character, the avoidance of every ugly character, the use of what beautifies the servant and adorns him, and the abandonment of what defiles and disgraces him.” There are three levels of chivalry:

Virility with the right

Reforming the relationship between the servant and his Lord, for Allah bought the souls, so it is necessary to reform the thing sold.

Virtue with oneself – characteristics of a Muslim

Gentleness is with the self by accustoming it – even if it is forced – to every character that beautifies it, and keeping it away from everything that makes it ugly until it becomes one of its nature.

Virility with character

To treat people with the manners that you would like others to treat you with, with good morals, and keeping away from immorality.


It is giving what you love and what you need and giving it to others.

Because it is giving that leads to deprivation of the soul, the giver deprives himself in order to be blessed by others.


To prevent oneself from doing what one loves, not out of shortcoming, nor for the sake of worldly gain, nor for inability, but for the sake of Allah – the Highest – with the ability to do it, and they are types of them:

Chastity of the tongue

And be imprisoned for obscene.

Eye chastity

Not looking at people’s private parts.

Hand chastity

To avoid theft, oppression, and others.

Belly chastity

Preventing him from eating and drinking haram.

Vulva chastity

By leaving fornication and other taboos.

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Gentleness and gentleness

  1. Gentleness is the opposite of violence, and softness is the opposite of harshness, so the Muslim should be gentle on the side, not quick to anger and revenge.
  2. He offers mercy and love, so he is gentle in his words and actions, and he takes things as easy as they are.
  3. Gentleness and kindness are not limited to people but extend to animals, beasts, and birds.
characteristics of a Muslim
characteristics of a Muslim

The dream

The dream is to restrain oneself from anger, the noblest of dreaming with knowledge, and forgiveness with ability.

And the dream removes the grudges and makes the sinner apologize to those who sinned with him and becomes his friend.


It was said that humility is: “Do not see anyone in need of yourself, neither in religion nor in this world.”

And it is one of the best acts of worship, so the Muslim is humble, gentle, without arrogance or coercion, accepts criticism, and accepts the truth upon himself. May Allah has mercy on those who said:

Humility, be like a star looming over the water while it is sublime and does not be like smoke that rises by itself to the layers of the atmosphere while it is lowly.

Courage – characteristics of a Muslim

  1. Courage consists in removing fear from the heart and taking risks.
  2. It is an instinct in the human being, so he has the composure to support the truth in word and deed.
  3. With no fear of anyone but Allah Almighty.
  4. It is the courage to possess oneself at the time of anger so that the brave person does not take any action that is caused by anger.

Reverence in prayer

  • Prayer is the link between the servant and his Lord.
  • And the servant must be submissive in it.
  • That is through fear that leads to the glorification of Allah Almighty, and that is required in prayer and other things.
  • However, it is more important for him to be in prayer.
  • Because the servant is standing in prayer before Allah Almighty.
  • It is worth noting that khushoo is the place of the heart, but it appears on the actions of the limbs.
  • And that is by making sure to establish prayer and perform it with the pillars, conditions, duties, and desirables.
  • Among the things that help one to be humble in prayer: to be reminded of standing before Allah Almighty.
  • And keeping away from everything that may preoccupy the worshiper, whether material or moral.
  • Islam forbade Alhaqin and Alhaqib from prayer.
  • As well as the prohibition of prayer in the presence of food.

Turning away from false words and deeds

  1. People of faith keep away from actions that disturb their afterlife.
  2. And they accept righteous deeds that bring them closer to Allah Almighty, including:
  3. Preserving the tongue from immorality and abomination, and safeguarding the limbs from evil and aggression.
  4. Zakat of self and money, Zakat denotes purity, purity, and uprightness.
  5. The zakat of the soul is by purifying it from corrupt and perverted beliefs, and by cultivating noble morals.
  6. Zakat on money is by taking out what Allah – the Highest – has enjoined on money from a right.
  7. Keeping away from taboos.

Maintaining the prayers

  • By continuing and persevering in the performance of prayers at their specified times.
  • And with all the conditions, pillars, duties, and desirables it contains.
  • As prayer is the second pillar of Islam.
  • It is the first act for which the servant will be held accountable on the Day of Resurrection.

Characteristics of a strong Muslim

  1. Jihad of self and money in the cause of Allah Almighty.
  2. That Allah and His Messenger are dearer to him than anyone else: that is by following God and His Messenger and avoiding his prohibitions.
  3. Love for Allah and hate for Allah: It is one of the strongest bonds of faith and the source of harmony and harmony in the Muslim community and its permanence.
  4. In it, they love each other, love each other, have mercy on each other, and visit each other.
  5. And they enjoin good and forbid evil.
  6. Acceptance of Allah’s decree and destiny, and patience when affliction: Satisfaction is one of the greatest doors to draw closer to Allah.
  7. And in it is the bliss of the world and the peace and dignity of the heart, and in return for his satisfaction with his Lord, his Lord is satisfied with him.

What are the social characteristics of a Muslim?

  • The believer is keen to adhere to everything that Allah Almighty has commanded us.
  • He is obligated to perform the duties and acts of worship and adhere to the virtuous ethics of Islam such as honesty, trustworthiness, keeping the secrets of others, and keenness to help those around him.
  • Encouraging people to do good, and so on.
  • And that is in the hope of winning the approval of Allah Almighty and His Paradise.
  • It is worth noting that the adherence of the believer to all this is reflected positively in his relationship with those around him.
  • This becomes clear when the believer deals with those around him.
  • We find that he is indeed distinguished by a wonderful set of social attributes, the most prominent of which are the following:

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  1. The believer is well aware that forgiveness and forgiveness have a great reward.
  2. Here we remember the words of the Almighty Allah in His Mighty Book.
  3. Those who suppress anger, and those who pardon people.
  4. The believer forgives those who offended him.
  5. And he is very careful not to respond to abuse with abuse.

Mercy – characteristics of a Muslim

  • One of the characteristics of the believer is that he is keen to deal gently, away from cruelty and violence with the young and the old.
  • With his parents, his wife, his children, and everyone around him.
  • And here we remember the words of the Messenger (He who does not show mercy will not be merciful).
  • It is also worth noting that the believer is also keen to be kind to animals.
  • Take care of them, provide them with food and drink, and not harm them.

Help others

The Muslim is keen to provide aid and assistance to those around him and to stand by those who need him in times of distress.

Smiling in the face of others

The believer is characterized by being cheerful, and keen to smile in the face of others.

And he deals with them calmly, away from emotion and nervousness, so that no one is alienated from dealing with him.


The believer is characterized by humility and a lack of arrogance.


  1. The believer is always keen to apply justice and equality and to stay away from injustice, and harming others.
  2. And whoever relieves a Muslim of distress, Allah will relieve him of one of the distresses on the Day of Resurrection.
  3. It conceals a Muslim, Allah the Day of Resurrection.

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