Why learn Quran online

Why learn Quran online

Why learn Quran online? Memorize Quran online through quranoasis.com to memorize and adjust the Noble Quran, your way to endless happiness, where the Quran learning sessions are available remotely in virtual educational sessions via the Internet, where the student communicates with the Quran teacher via video during certain study periods, The Quran learning program paves the way for the return of many to the Book of Allah Almighty.

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Objectives of Quranoasis

  1. Finding a comprehensive, integrated, and distinct program for memorizing Quran, paving the way for those who wanted to memorize Quran with precision and perfection.
  2. Append all the difficulties and obstacles that prevent a person from keeping the words of his Lord Almighty.
  3. That the programs would be a reason for the return of many Muslims to adhere to the word of their Lord, so that they would obtain all that is good, and that all evil and evil would be repelled from them.
  4. Work on a unique memorization and review mechanism that connects each participant in the program towards control and mastery, not just memorization and presentation.
  5. Helping each participant in the program to contemplate the Book of Allah – the Almighty – through the objective division of verses.
  6. Providing a variety of memorization programs and curricula for all age groups.
  7. learn Quran online It suits all human abilities and differences.
  8. Finding an ideal memorization method, with which the participant in the program can memorize Quran with perfect memorization.
  9. With safety in performance without the need for commitment with anyone.

Learn Quran online

  • Memorize Quran online through the Department of Memorizing Quran Online, which is one of the departments of the Educational Affairs Unit in the Department of the Noble Quran.
  • It is concerned with Learn Quran with its frequent readings.
  • By a group of specialists in this field.
  • In order to continue to achieve the mission of the department in the Learn Quran.

Objectives of the Holy Quran section

  1. Benefiting from modern technology in Learn Quran.
  2. Giving the opportunity to Learn Quran to the part-timers to attend Quranic circles.
  3. Spreading the message of teaching and refining the Noble Quran to all Muslims around the world.
  4. Overcoming the obstacles that prevent learning Quran, including the distance of the journey.
  5. The lack of departures, and the lack of an appropriate educational environment.

How to memorize Quran online – How to learn Quran online

  • A comprehensive, integrated, and distinct program for memorizing Quran, paving the way for those who wanted to memorize Quran with perfection and control.
  • Providing a variety of memorization programs and curricula for all age stages, and commensurate with all abilities and human differences.
  • The program achieves control and mastery, not just memorization and display.
  • Helping each participant in the program to contemplate the Book of Allah – the Almighty – through the objective division of verses.

How to memorize Quran online

  1. You can choose from several programs, which include more than 10 programs for memorization and recitation.
  2. The programs are divided according to the duration of memorization and the amount of memorization Quran:
  3. Two years and three months: The program for memorizing Quran during two years and three months – half a face per day.
  4. A year and seven months: The program for memorizing Quran during a year and seven months, in the amount of memorizing one face per day.
  5. Fourteen months: The program for memorizing Quran during a year and two months, at the rate of one and a half times a day.
  6. Ten months: The program for memorizing Quran within ten months – two faces per day.
  7. Six months: The program for memorizing Quran within six months – three and a quarter of a day.
  8. Four months and eleven days: The program for memorizing Quran during four months and eleven days – five aspects per day.
  9. A year and eight months: memorizing Surat Al-Baqarah during a year and eight months – half a wajh daily rises cumulatively.
  10. Recitation during a year and five months: daily face-recitation of the Quran within a year and five months, recitation and reflection.
  11. Recitation during eight months: two sides a day – recitation of the Quran within eight months, recitation and reflection.
  12. The Recitation during a year and five months: four aspects per day and gradually increased – during a year and five months recitation and reflection.
  13. Recitation within two months: ten aspects per day – recitation of the Quran within two months, recitation and reflection.

What are the times of learning Quran? What are the times of memorizing Quran?

  • Fajr period: immediately after Fajr prayer, and for a period of two hours.
  • Duha: from eight in the morning until eleven.
  • Dhuhr: from eleven in the morning until noon prayer.
  • Asr period: from immediately after the Asr prayer, until the azan of the Maghrib prayer.
  • Maghrib: From immediately after the Maghrib prayer, until the azan of the evening prayer.
  • Dinner: Immediately after the evening prayer, and for two hours.

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Online Quran memorization website

quranoasis.com in Learn Quran online helps you learn the correct reading Quran, intonation, and rulings, and will also teach you the exits of the letters.

The program for learning to read and recite the Quran also contains 12 levels of beginner, intermediate and above-average levels that you can choose between.

Quran memorization website

You will also find on quranoasis.com many features such as reading method options, which give you three different options.

The method of reading word after word or method of verse after verse or method of a word then verse, which are many ways that you can choose the most appropriate choice for you in learning the correct recitation of the Holy Quran.

You can also choose the reciter from among dozens of reciters, at any time you want on quranoasis.com.

Why learn Quran online
Why learn Quran online

Best online Quran memorization site

  1. The learn Quran online program includes the memorization Quran, memorization tests, and a memorization review.
  2. The text can be hidden and recited for yourself to make sure that you have memorized it properly.
  3. You can also learn about many of the site’s features such as repeating verses and choosing the voice of the reader whose voice you want to hear the Quran, Allah willing, an integrated program.
  4. A unique site for memorizing Quran that makes memorization easy and effective
  5. A basic stage in memorizing the Noble Quran is to link the verses together.
  6. Ability to repeat, verses, group of verses, and verses being memorized
  7. The text is hidden after the verse is repeated to aid in the memorization process
  8. The methods used are based on the most effective methods of memorizing the Holy Quran.
  9. Simple, choose the surah and verses to memorize, then press the play button
  10. The Noble Quran with the voice of more than 15 reciters.
  11. Now you can test your memorization with a unique feature that simulates a live teacher.
  12. Interpretation of Al-Jalalain and Interpretation of the Facilitator / The Noble Quran translated in more than 37 languages.

Benefits of reading the Quran online

There are some of the benefits of learn Quran online, including:

  • It works to heal the Muslim from the confusion that he could be infected with.
  • Which leads his reading to move away from the Muslim despair, and fear.
  • Knows the equality of men and women.
  • It also distances the Muslims from myths and illusions.
  • It is also considered as an interpreter of life and the universe.

The importance of memorizing the Quran – the importance of learning the Quran

There are many benefits to memorizing the Quran, including:

  1. The Book of Allah is considered the basis for all sciences.
  2. The righteous had memorized Quran, and the Messenger, may Allah prayers and peace be upon him, recommended that children memorize the Quran.
  3. It is necessary to memorize Quran for those who want to learn the science of jurisprudence.
  4. It is also considered one of the means of managing and contemplating the noble verses.
  5. The importance of the Noble Quran increases in the case of the love of knowing the stories of the ancients.
  6. Memorizing the Noble Quran also avoids prohibitions and prohibitions.
  7. It also leads the Hafiz of the Noble Quran to do many accomplishments.
  8. Which is considered a means of developing mental abilities.

How to memorize Quran

  1. It is necessary to keep reading the Holy Quran.
  2. It is also necessary to set aside time to recite the Holy Quran daily.
  3. You must buy a small Quran so that you have it with you at all times.
  4. Also, download the Noble Quran to your mobile phone.
  5. As well as reading some verses of the Noble Quran between the call to prayer and the Iqamah.

The virtue of reading the Quran daily

There is merit in the Quran for daily reading, including:

  • It leads to clarity of mind.
  • It also helps a reader to follow his provisions and meditate on the greatness of the Creator.
  • Works to strengthen memory with the Quran and its provisions.
  • It also leads to peace of mind and psychological comfort for those who read the Quran.
  • It also works to face the difficulties of life.
  • Reciting the Quran also leads to a feeling of happiness and joy.
  • This leads to the reader’s sense of courage, and the strength of the soul.
  • Reading the Quran leads to getting rid of fear, anxiety, and tension.
  • Therefore, reading the Quran leads to a strong language.
  • While working to increase the ability to understand.
  • Also, learn all that is new from the life sciences.
  • Finally, it leads to an increase in livelihood.

The duty of a Muslim towards the Quran

There are many duties of a Muslim towards the Noble Quran, including:

  1. The Holy Quran must be read daily.
  2. Moreover knowing the interpretations and meanings.
  3. Memorize the surahs and verses.
  4. Also knowing the recitation of the Noble Quran with the correct intonation.

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Etiquette of reading the Quran

There are some etiquettes that you should know when you learn Quran online, including:

  • The sincerity of intention must be made to Allah when read Quran.
  • Purity is also required when reading the Noble Quran.
  • The Quran must be read in a clean place.
  • Facing the Qiblah when reading the Noble Quran.
  • It is necessary to sit humbly when reading the Noble Quran.
  • It is also necessary to name before reading each surah of the Noble Quran.
  • Therefore, reading the Quran from the Holy Quran.

The reward of the Quran reciter

  1. Each letter has a good deed and the good deed is worth ten times it.
  2. The reader of the Quran will remain under the shade of Allah mercy, and Allah will dwell in his heart with light and faith.
  3. The Holy Quran intercedes for those who read it.
  4. The reader of the Noble Quran also enters the highest degree of Heaven.
  5. The angels call the reader for mercy and forgiveness.
  6. It also survives those who read the Holy Quran from difficulties and hardships.
  7. Finally, the Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, testifies that he is one of the righteous.

Benefits of the Quran

There are some of the benefits of learn Quran online, including:

  • Allah saves the Holy Quran from loss and distortion.
  • The Noble Quran was revealed to a nation accustomed to memorizing.
  • It is also considered a miracle for people to come up with Quranic proverbs.
  • It is characterized as the seal of the heavenly books.
  • Is also easy to read and easy to read.
  • While it is distinguished that when reading a letter from it is good.

What is the wisdom of the revelation of the Quran?

There are some rulings for the revelation of the Quran, including:

  1. It also leads to strengthening the heart of the Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, against any harm he may receive from the infidels of Quraish.
  2. He was responding to the arguments of the infidels, and the achievement of truth and invalidation of falsehood.
  3. It was also facilitated to memorize it for the Messenger of Allah, peace, and blessings of Allah be upon him, and his companions, as the Quran is heavy in meanings and is not like poetry.
  4. Therefore, it is a way to reduce the burden of leaving those habits and to prepare oneself for that.
  5. As well as keeping pace with the events in the time of the Prophet.

In the end, learn Quran online on quranoasis.com is easy and simple for everyone who wants to learn the Quran, and everyone who wants to memorize Quran, where there is a Quran teacher on quranoasis.com who speaks Arabic, and a graduate of Al-Azhar, and there is a good Quran Memorization Course on the site quranoasis.com.

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