What does our Quran institute provide?

Learn Quran Online free

What does our Quran institute provide? Quranoasis.com offers many courses to learn Quran and learn Quran Tajweed, it offers learning intonation and offers Online 10 Qira’at Course, it offers to Learn Quran Online free, and it offers many other services that we will mention in today’s article in detail.

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What does our Quran institute provide?

In the following lines, we will mention what Quran Oasis offers:

This site offers is to listen to the Noble Quran with the voice of a number of Egyptian and Arab readers of the Arab world.

Among them are Sheikh Abdul Basit Abdul Samad intonation and recitation.

And Sheikhs Muhammad Siddiq Al-Minshawi, Muhammad Mahmoud Al-Tablawi, Mahmoud Al-Banna and Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hosari.

Learn Quran Online free

  1. Quran Oasis offers the opportunity to memorize, review and listen to the Holy Quran while reading the verses while listening.
  2. Which improves reading and makes a person improve his pronunciation of the verses correctly by continuing reading while listening to their recitation and recitation from the great reciters of the Holy Quran.
  3. The Quran provides an opportunity to establish memorization by providing tests to remind verses by writing them online and giving degrees on memorization.
  4. It also allows, by registering an account on the site, to know and review what you have saved.
  5. In order to know the extent of your progress in memorization, the thing that makes the site important for students of science, students, and memorizers the Quran.
  6. The site has applications available on mobile devices, whether on the Android or iPhone system.
  7. And the site provides the Holy Quran in English next to the Arabic language.

Quran Oasis Features

  • Quran Oasis is well organized from its main interface.
  • The Holy Quran is available in 17 international languages, next to Arabic, including English.
  • The Quran Oasis website allows memorization and repetition of verses during memorization, which contributes to the stabilization and confirmation of memorization.
  • Which is one of the most important features of the site.
  • It also allows listening to the Quran also in the voice of a number of famous reciters in Egypt and the world, with more than one of the well-known Quranic recitations.
  • Whether the narration of Hafs on the authority of Asim or the narration of Warsh on the authority of Nafi’ or the narration of Qalon.
  • The site allows displaying an original copy of the Holy Quran of Medina.
  • The site also holds tests for memorizing the Quran online by hiding the parts of the verses and showing their beginning only to test memorization and strengthen their memory in memorization.
  • One of the good sites in Learn Quran Online is free is that it offers a live broadcast of the Holy Quran Radio.
  • It also allows downloading the entire Quran, browsing it, and listening to it while browsing, and it is also available in more than one language and works on all mobile devices and computers.

Methods for Learn Quran Online free

  1. One of the fun sites to learn the Quran online easily for beginners.
  2. The site displays in bright colors and a wonderful arrangement for its followers how to browse the Holy Quran easily.
  3. Choosing specific surahs and verses from each verse, the site explains and explains the Noble Quran with the interpretation of Al-Jalalayn.
  4. The verses of the Noble Quran are expressed grammatically and on the site.
  5. The program of the Quran memorization teacher allows adjusting the repetition and repetition of verses according to the listener’s desire to facilitate memorization.

Benefits of reading the Quran

There are some of the benefits of reading the Quran, including It works to heal the Muslim from the confusion that may befall him.

Which leads his reading to move away from the Muslim despair, and fear. Knows the equality of men and women.

It also distances Muslims from myths and illusions. It is also considered as an interpreter of life and the universe.

Importance of Learn Quran Online free

There are many benefits to Learning Quran Online free including:

  • The book of Allah is the basis for all sciences.
  • The righteous had memorized Quran, and the Messenger, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, recommended that children memorize Quran.
  • It is necessary to memorize the Quran for those who want to learn the science of jurisprudence.
  • It is also considered one of the means of managing and contemplating the noble verses.
  • The importance of the Noble Quran increases in the case of the love of knowing the stories of the ancients.
  • Memorizing Quran also avoids prohibitions and prohibitions.
  • It also leads the Hafiz Quran to do many accomplishments.
  • Which is considered a means of developing mental abilities.

How to memorize the Quran

  1. It is necessary to keep reading the Holy Quran.
  2. It is also necessary to allocate time to recite the Holy Quran daily.
  3. You must buy a small Quran so that you have it with you at all times.
  4. Also, download the Noble Quran to your mobile phone.
  5. As well as reading some verses of the Noble Quran between the call to prayer and the Iqamah.

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The virtue of reading the Quran daily

There is the merit of Learn Quran Online free, including:

  • It leads to clarity of mind.
  • Also helps a reader to follow his provisions and meditate on the greatness of the Creator.
  • It works to strengthen memory with the Quran and its provisions.
  • It also leads to peace of mind and psychological comfort for those who read the Quran.
  • Also works to face the difficulties of life.
  • Reciting the Quran also leads to a feeling of happiness and joy.
  • Leads the reader to a sense of courage, and the strength of the soul.
  • Reading the Quran leads to getting rid of fear, anxiety, and tension.
  • Therefore, reading the Quran leads to a strong language.
  • While working to increase the ability to understand.
  • Also, learn all that is new from the life sciences.
  • Finally, it leads to an increase in livelihood.

The duty of a Muslim towards the Quran

There are many duties of a Muslim towards the Noble Quran, including:

  1. The Holy Quran must be read daily.
  2. Moreover knowing the interpretations and meanings.
  3. Memorize the surahs and verses.
  4. Also knowing the recitation of the Noble Quran with the correct intonation.
Learn Quran Online free
Learn Quran Online free

Etiquette of reading the Quran

There are some etiquettes that you must know when reading Quran, including:

  • The sincerity of intention must be made to Allah when reading Quran.
  • Purity is also required when reading the Noble Quran.
  • The Quran must be read in a clean place.
  • Facing the Qiblah when reading the Noble Quran.
  • It is necessary to sit humbly when reading the Noble Quran.
  • It is also necessary to name before reading each surah of the Noble Quran.
  • Therefore, reading the Quran from the Holy Quran.

The reward of the Quran reciter

  1. Each letter has a good deed and the good deed is worth ten times it.
  2. The reader of the Quran will remain under the shade of Allah’s mercy, and Allah will dwell in his heart with light and faith.
  3. The Holy Quran intercedes for those who read it.
  4. The reader of the Noble Quran also enters the highest degree of Heaven.
  5. The angels call the reader for mercy and forgiveness.
  6. It also survives those who read Quran from difficulties and hardships.
  7. Finally, the Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, testifies that he is one of the righteous.

Features of Learn Quran Online free

There are some characteristics of the Holy Quran, including:

  • Allah saves the Holy Quran from loss and distortion.
  • The Noble Quran was revealed to a nation accustomed to memorizing.
  • It is also considered a miracle for people to come up with Quranic proverbs.
  • Is characterized as the seal of the heavenly books.
  • It is also easy to read and easy to read.
  • While it is distinguished that when reading a letter from it is good.

The wisdom of the revelation of the Quran

There are some rulings for the revelation of the Quran, including:

  1. It also leads to strengthening the heart of the Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, against any harm he may receive from the infidels of Quraish.
  2. He was responding to the arguments of the infidels, and the achievement of truth and invalidation of falsehood.
  3. As well as facilitating the preservation of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him and his companions.
  4. The Quran is heavy in meanings, not as poetry.
  5. Therefore, it is a way to reduce the burden of leaving those habits and to prepare oneself for that.
  6. As well as keeping pace with the events in the time of the Prophet.

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What is the day the Quran was revealed?

The Noble Quran was revealed on a blessed night, which is Laylat al-Qadr, for Allah Almighty said (We sent it down on a blessed night).

It is said (The month of Luminescence in which the Quran was revealed, a guidance for people and clear proofs of guidance and the criterion).

What are the reasons for not collecting the Quran in the era of the Prophet?

There are some of the reasons that led to the failure to memorize the Quran during the time of the Prophet:

  • Because of the pervasive sedition in the era of the Prophet, peace be upon him.
  • He was memorized by the Companions in their hearts.
  • Also, writing tools were not available in the era of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.

Learn Quran Online free for kids

  1. Teaching the Quran to children falls under the rule of teaching the Quran in general with a little difference which will be clarified now.
  2. The Messenger of Allah – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him – affirms that teaching the Noble Quran is an indication of goodness.
  3. Whoever indicates goodness has a reward similar to the one who does it.
  4. The Messenger of Allah – may Allah prayers and peace be upon him – said: “The one who indicates good is like the one who does it.”

Methods of memorizing the Quran for children

  • A child in the first stage of his life is more capable of learning.
  • Therefore, his abilities must be exploited to benefit him, and memorizing Quran is one of the most important things that must be focused on at this stage of the child’s life.
  • Memorizing the Quran for children is a general form that begins with the child listening to the Quran.
  • Then being taught the shortest surahs, then moving to the longer surahs.
  • The child can be taught the Noble Quran by his parents or by subscribing to our website in order to memorize the Quran online.

Methods for Learn Quran Online free

  1. That the child gets used to listening to the Noble Quran constantly from the time he is in his mother’s womb until he is born, grows up, and learns to speak.
  2. That the parents be a good role model for the child so that he sees them diligently reciting the Quran.
  3. Not forcing the child to memorize, but drawing his attention indirectly to the importance of memorizing the Quran by telling him stories, for example.
  4. Choosing the appropriate time to memorize the Quran for the child, which is in the early morning when the mind is clear.
  5. Choosing the right place away from distractions, so that the child’s sight, hearing, and senses are all with preservation.
  6. When reading the Quran to children, the rulings must be adhered to.
  7. Because they will memorize what they have heard in the same way as reading a prompter.
  8. Assigning a Quran to the child to continue reading from it throughout the memorization period.
  9. Link the meanings to the verses and represent what can be represented to make it easier for the child to memorize the verses.
  10. Repeat what is memorized at different times of the day.
  11. Regular memorization daily, reviewing the previous and linking it to the new memorization.
  12. Rewarding children, encouraging them constantly, being patient with their mistakes or difficulty in memorizing them, and praying for them.


In the end, learning Quran online on quranoasis.com is easy and simple for everyone who wants to learn the Quran, and everyone who wants to memorize the Quran, where there is a Quran teacher on quranoasis.com who speaks Arabic, and a graduate of Al-Azhar, and there is a good Quran Memorization Course on the site quranoasis.com.

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Our Quran teacher,  Arabic teacher, Islamic Studies teacher, tajweed teacher,  ( House of Quran ) will be their friends during this amazing journey.

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Whether it’s Quran online, Arabic online, Tajweed, Ijazah, tafsir, Qirat, tajwid al Quran, and Islamic Studies. Quran Oasis has your back with professional Quran tutors who are willing to go further with your kids’ education. With an attractive interface and well-structured lessons,

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