Top 10 Advantages of eLearning Quran

eLearning Quran

Do you know that over 65% of Muslims now learn Quran online?! It has been proven that eLearning Quran is a very easy way to learn Quran for kids & adults.

As a result of the enormous technological advancement that took place during the past decade, it’s now possible for every Muslim in the world to learn Quran easily from the convenience of his/her home.

There are many best online Quran learning websites available on the internet. You can simply visit a website of an EQuran school, browse the Quran courses they offer, and the available pricing plans. Then, book free trial Quran classes to evaluate their teachers and the implemented teaching methodology.

Once you feel satisfied with learning Quran with a certain school/teacher, enroll in a complete course, and start your journey of Quran eLearning.

Although online Quran learning has countless benefits, Quran Experts at Quran Oasis prepared the following list of Top 10 Advantages of eLearning Quran

1. Online Quran Classes Accessible Worldwide

The best advantage of Learning Quran Online is that it’s accessible from anywhere in the world. All that you need to start studying Quran is a device (Laptop – Tablet – Smart TV – SmartPhone) connected to the internet.

There are many Muslim brothers & sisters in non-Arabic speaking countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, and Germany striving to learn Quran for themselves or for kids. online Quran classes made it very easy for them to get high-quality Quran education from native Arab tutors with vast knowledge and long experience.

2. Learn Quran Conveniently From Home

In this era, life is so rapid with many daily responsibilities that can’t be neglected. So dedicating time & effort to attend regular Quran learning sessions in a Mosque or Islamic Center/School is a bit difficult. Actually, It’s one of the major reasons why many adults as well as kids not learning the Quran.

Adults have numerous daily commitments that cannot be delayed such as going to work, running errands, having a social life, and time for family, etc. On the other hand, kids are often busy with school, sports, and other extra-curricular activities.

So, the ideal solution to accommodate your both daily life and religious commitments is to learn Quran at home. With Quran eLearning, there’s no need to drive from one place to another. Online learning is convenient as you have the opportunity to schedule classes based on your daily commitments.

3. Customizable & Flexible Courses of Study

Another important advantage of eLearning Quran is customization and flexibility. Since the online Quran lessons are provided in the form of 1-to-1 sessions, the Quran courses are completely adjusted as per each student’s needs.

Online Quran classes are totally flexible, can be scheduled based on the student’s choice; the online Quran tutors are available 24/7 at the virtual classrooms.

The course of study and syllabus of learning is also entirely customizable and can be changed as per each student’s needs, ability and age.

4. Variety of Quran Courses

Most online Quran schools have complete & specialized courses for each science or level of Quran. For example, at Quran Oasis, we have the following Quran courses:

You can browse the courses, read what you’ll learn in each one, and choose the right course that suits your needs and level.
eLearning Quran with native Arab teachers – Quran Oasis

5. Wide Selection of Online Quran Learning Schools

In the last few years, online learning Quran school have increased dramatically. Hence, the competition between them to provide the best Quranic education experience to the students. This left the Quran knowledge seekers with so many options.

Every online Quran academy seeks to be the best online Quran class, provider. Yet, not every online Quran institute can be a good fit. You should browse the website of eQuran school properly, check teachers’ Bio, and compare offers. Then, book free trial classes to evaluate the quality of their Quran courses.

6. Complete Focus on Each Quran Student Separately

One of the most unique is one-on-one sessions. This ensures that every student gets a complete focus from the assigned Quran tutor. Hence, getting a much better Quran learning experience than the group classes in a Mosque or Islamic schools/centers.

One-to-One Quran class helps the student to benefit from the whole session time, which means more outcomes per session. As opposed to the group classes, the session time will be divided across multiple students.

7. Highly-Qualified Quran Tutors

Unlike face-to-face Quran learning, you are not restricted to Quran teachers near you. You can browse the internet and find highly-qualified tutors from around the world who are well trained and experienced in teaching Quran online.

The Better The Teacher, The Better The Student

Actually, the most professional, qualified, and expert Quran teachers teach Quran online. They prefer this method to teach a larger number of students and hence earn more experience and good deeds as well. In this regard, The Prophet (ﷺ) said:

The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.

Hadith [Sahih al-Bukhari 5027]

8. Completely Safe & Secured Learning Method

As a parent, you must care for your kids’ safety all the time, even during educational activities. Unfortunately, some teachers in some Islamic schools/centers can get a bit violent during classes. The pulling of ears, beating with a stick, or harsh words. These behaviors could affect the students very badly and make them dislike learning Quran.

For Muslim parents, the eLearning Quran is ideal to protect their children from any form of child abuse. Due to the nature of online learning in general, your kids are absolutely safe. Besides, it avails the opportunity to observe your kids during sessions and control what they are learning.

9. Affordable Quran Learning Option

One of the reasons that prevent many people from learning the Quran is the cost. Enrolling in an Islamic School/Center comes to study Quran comes with high costs; such a facility has a lot of expenses to operate.

On the other hand, online Quran learning is the most affordable option. By nature, it removes the hassle of all operational costs that the Islamic School/center bears. Additionally, there are a lot of websites that provide various pricing packages to choose the most convenient for you.

10. Entertaining & Interactive Quran Learning Experience

Thanks to advanced technology, the eLearning Quran became very entertaining and interactive. From videos that depict Quranic stories of Prophets to games and quizzes. Both the student and tutor can explore all the interactive material available online.

The Quran students can also access and use various educational materials and tools virtually in an interactive way. So that the student enjoys the learning session and never gets bored of learning.

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