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surah Fussilat

Let’s know why was surah Fussilat revealed. Surat Fussilat has fifty-four verses and belongs to the Seven Family. Its verses are centred around philosophical ideas including unity, the message, resurrection, restitution, and reckoning. Our website in this article provides you with the reasons for the revelation of Surat Fussilat.

Surah Fussilat

The word Fussilat appears in the initial verses of this surah, which is why was surah Fussilat revealed.

Verse 30 of Surat Fussilat’s explanation of the revelation made note of it. The reason this verse was revealed about Abu Bakr, according to Atta on the authority of Ibn Abbas, is because the polytheists declared:

“Our Lord is God, and the angels are His daughters, and these are our intercessors with God.”

They did not straighten out, and the Jews asserted:

“Our Lord is God, and the Mighty is His son, and Muhammad is not a prophet.” Abu Bakr declared:

“Our Lord is God alone, He has no partner!”

What is surah Fussilat about?

One of the Meccan surahs of the Noble Qur’an, or the surah revealed prior to the Prophet—may God bless him and grant him peace—migrating to Medina, is this wonderful surah. These surahs mostly discuss matters pertaining to faith and those surrounding it. Its verse count is fifty-four, whereas the Ottoman Qur’an’s arrangement number is forty-one, surah al fussilat is located in the forty-eighth party and in the twenty-fourth part.

The debate in this article will centre on the rationale for Surat Fussilat’s revelation, the meaning of its name, and the book’s goals and merits.

Where was surah Fussilat revealed?

A surah that was revealed in Mecca Al-Mukarramah and that was segregated from the Meccan surahs and from the surahs that dealt with the Islamic creed had 54 verses.

When was surah Fussilat revealed?

According to scholars, Fussilat surah is one of the Meccan surahs that was revealed before the migration of the Prophet (may God grant him peace and his prayers). Since it was the sixty-first in terms of the order of revelation, it was revealed after the revelation of Surat Ghafir and before the revelation of Surat Al-Zukharf.

Why the surah was named Fussilat?

Because the term “Fussilat” appears in Surah Fussilat, it was given this name. However, this was not the only name given to the surah; in fact, some scholars have indicated that it was also known as Surat Al-Ham Al-Sajdah, and it was also called Surat Al-Sajdah for short as well. Surat Al-Masabih, as well as Surat Al-Aqwat.

Is surah al fussilat Makki or Madani?

The consensus among the interpreters was that surah al fussilat Makki.

According to Mahmud bin Ahmed bin Musa Al-Ayni:

  • It is unambiguous and simple. The surah is Makki.
  • It was revealed after Ghafir, according to Muhammad bin Ahmad bin Juza’ al-Kalbi.
  • Additionally, Mahmud bin Ahmad bin Musa Al-Ayni stated that it was disclosed before to the Shura and after the believer.

Is surah al fussilat Makki or Madani?

One of the verses of the Holy Qur’an that was revealed to the Messenger at Mecca, before Surat Al-Zukhruf and after Surat Ghafir, is known as surah al fussilat.

Arranged in terms of the sixty-first descent. The Ottoman Qur’an is arranged in a forty-first order.

surah fussilat mishary

how to memorize surah al fussilat?

Surat al fussilat, which has 54 verses, only had a few pages.

As a result, you may save all the verses in less than nine days if you save six verses each day.

Read a page every day.  You will see that you may save the surah if you take the matter every day.

It will make preservation easier if you listen to this Quranic surah every day while you’re doing something else.

If you pay attention to the explanations of the verses in Surat fussilat, they will be ingrained in your memory and will be simple to keep in mind.

surah al fussilat benefits

The Surah Fussilat‘s virtue is a public virtue. It is comparable to the virtue of every surah in the Holy Qur’an.

When you read it:

  • The reader receives several rewards.
  • Give him plenty of sermons and judgment.
  • It corrects his misconception and provides proof of the omnipotence, knowledge, and creativity of God.

Regarding the hadith that mentions the benefits of reading Surah Fussilat. It is a rejected hadith that cannot be spread since it is not supported by the hadith encyclopedia.

For this reason, knowing the virtues of a single chapter of the Noble Qur’an suffices without assigning any virtue to it.

However, it is important to consider the noble surah’s goal, which is to understand the Noble Qur’an’s lofty rank and prestige as the everlasting marvel of Islam.

Surah al fussilat tafseer

Numerous explanations for this surah have been given in the books, including one that is found in a hadith related by the revered companion Abdullah bin Masoud, may God be pleased with him, in which three men were present in God’s home and one of them inquired of the other:

If we speak to God, will He hear us? The first retorted that until he spoke out loud, God would not hear him. The other retorted that God hears speech whether it is said publicly or not, Glory be to Him. He went to the Prophet of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and told him about their experience after hearing about the hadith of the noble companion may God be pleased with Abdullah bin Masoud. As a result, God Almighty revealed his saying:

{And you were not concealing that your hearing, nor your eyes, nor your skins, would testify against you.}

To His saying: {So you have become among the losers}.

The purpose behind a verse’s revelation: “Those who said, “Our Lord is God”, then became steadfast.”

This verse was revealed about the great companion Abu Bakr, may God be pleased with him, according to a hadith that was related on the authority of the great companion Abdullah bin Abbas, may God be pleased with him.

This verse was revealed in response to the polytheists’ claims that God has daughters, exalted be that which is above them and that idols serve as their agents of intercession with God Almighty.

Abu Bakr, may God be pleased with him, testified that there is no god but God and that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger, so the verse was revealed for this reason.

The Jews claimed that Uzair is the son of God, may God be exalted above that, and that the Messenger of God Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, is not a prophet.

Hadith on surah Fussilat

In yet another hadith that has been stopped, he discusses Surat Fussil’s virtues as a work that is of use to the Hawamim.

Our Master Muhammad, may Allah (swt) bestow His Blessings upon Him, states in it:

“Al-Hawameem, the brocade of the Qur’an.”

Speaking about this hadith, Al-Albani claimed that it is a continuation of the fake hadiths in the weak chain.

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Surah Fussilat Summary

Thus, we have provided you with all the information you need to know regarding Surah Fussilat. And, of course, this is necessary to gain knowledge of the matters of Islamic religion and to obtain reward and reward.

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