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Surah luqman (in Arabic: لُقمان)  is considered one of the Mathani, and surah luqman is Meccan surah,

As for the question of who is Luqman in surah Luqman?

Luqman was named Luqman al-Hakim the son of Ayyub’s sister, Luqman was a wise man, and a slave of great thought, good judgment, and silence, who loved Allah, so Allah loved him. Allah has endowed him with wisdom; he was mentioned in the Quran and named surat luqman by his name.

Luqman was a contemporary of David and was known as wise. He was born and lived in the country of Nubia.

Luqman’s commandments are one of the Qur’anic stories that speak of the wisdom of Luqman, which is represented in the wisdom that Allah gave to the wise and is considered among Muslims The greatest wisdom and exhortations, as his wisdom came in its proper places.

According to the books of interpretation, Luqman was the lesser slave of his master, but Allah Almighty bestowed upon him wisdom, so became the best of them to Allah.

Why was surah luqman revealed?

The verses of luqman surah were revealed for various reasons, and we will learn about the reasons for their revelation:

  • The reasons for the revelation of the verse(6):

on the authority of Ibn Abbas, he said: This verse was revealed about Al-Nadr bin Al-Harith, he used to buy qainat – singers – and he would not win anyone who wanted Islam but he would go with him to his kinship, and he would say to her: Feed him, give him water, and give him, and he says: This is better than what he calls you to. Muhammad, he used to buy non-Arab books and narrate them and narrate them to the Quraysh and say: My hadith is better than the hadith of Muhammad, and he was mocking the Qur’an and those who believed in it.

  • The reasons for the revelation of the verse(14):

These two verses were revealed about Saad bin Abi Waqqas – Al-Tabarani and Ibn Jarir narrated it. The story of Saad with his mother advanced in Surat Al-Ankabut.

  • The reasons for the revelation of verse (34):

On the authority of Mujahid and Ikrimah who said: A man from the people of the desert came and said: Tell me, O Muhammad, when will the Hour come? And that our country is infertile, so tell me when the rain will come? If my woman is pregnant, tell me what she will give birth to. I know what I earned today, so tell me what I will earn tomorrow. I know in which land I was born, so tell me in which land I will die. So the verse was revealed – narrated by Ibn Abi Hatim and Ibn Jarir.

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What is surah luqman about?

Surat Luqman talked about many things, including:

1- Description of the Noble Qur’an.  It was reported by Yahya bin Salam that the wise book is the Qur’an, whose verses and meanings are clarified, including what is permissible and prohibited, and other rulings.

2- Description of the believers and their reward, as surah e luqman dealt in its folds a number of the characteristics of the believers: the believers’ establishment of prayer, their giving of zakat, and their belief in the unseen with certainty without a doubt.

Surah e luqman talks about the description of the unbelievers and their compensation, and also the verses of Allah’s power are manifested in surah luqman ya bunayya.

 Surat luqman represents the best ways to raise children.

Its verses contain gentleness, tenderness, kindness, and calmness. Luqman advises his son with all affection, kindness, and delicacy, and frequently uses the word “O my son.”

1. He instructed him not to associate with Allah. (Verse 13)

2. honor one’s parents. verse(14)

3. Worshiping Allah, good manners, and knowing the truth of the world with patience. Verse(17)

4. Etiquette and Ethics. Verse(18)

5. Taste and lower the volume.


6. Setting a goal for life and the importance of planning.

Where was surah luqman revealed?

Most of the verses of surah e luqman were revealed in Mecca before the Hijrah, except for verses (27, 28, 29 ) that were revealed in Medina.

When was surah luqman revealed?

Luqman surah was revealed in the last years of the middle stage of the Prophet’s residence at makkah and all of its verses revealed in Mecca except verses “27,28,29” were revealed in Madani.

Why the surah was named Luqman?

The reason for naming Surat Luqman by this name “Luqman “is because it mentions Luqman’s commandments to his son, and Luqman was one of the righteous who lived in the contemporary of our master David, peace be upon him.

Here we have concluded our conversation about Surat Luqman.

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