Why was Surah Hijr Revealed?

Surah Hijr

Surah hijr (In Arabic:الحِجْرْ) is one of the Meccan surahs that were revealed in Mecca to relieve the Prophet of his grief at the separation of his loved ones.

Surah al hijr was revealed in a difficult period in the life of the Prophet, during which he lost his wife, who was a support for him during the call to Islam, and his uncle Abu Talib, and most of the narrations that mentioned the reason for the revelation of Surah hijr are all weak.

What is surah hijr about?

Al hijr surah talks through its verses about some matters related to Muslim, such as:

  • The verses of surah e hijr threatened those who belied Allah and stubbornly rejected His prophets, despite the presence of evidence and arguments.
  • Allah can bring down His punishment and wrath on the unjust people and show them His power and greatness in this world.
  • Surah al hijr talks about the power of Allah in His creation from the sky, the universe, the extended earth, plants, winds, the steep mountains, and the stories of previous peoples.
  • Surah hijr spoke about the people of Thamud who denied the Prophet Saleh, and Allah’s punishment fell upon them. When the Messenger and his companions passed by their place, he forbade Muslims from entering this place.
  • Al Hejr urges a speedy entry into the Islamic religion, saving souls from destruction in this world, and Allah’s wrath and punishment in the hereafter, as the infidel wishes he was a Muslim.
  • The Holy Quran will remain the book of Allah that he will preserve for the Day of Resurrection without distortion or falsification.
  • The verses talked about Ibrahim’s guests and the reaction of the people of Lot to them, and how they tried to show their disbelief.
  • Allah’s punishment for the people of Lot is to be an example for those who came after them.

Where was surah hijr revealed?

Al hijr surah was revealed to Muhammad in Mecca at the same time that Surat Ibrahim was revealed, In the last period of persecution that the Prophet was subjected to.

When was surah hijr revealed?

Al Hejr was revealed after Surah Yusuf and before Surat Al-An’am approximately at the same time as Surat Ibrahim was revealed.

Surah e hijr was revealed between the year of grief when Khadija and his uncle Abu Talib died, and the period of his emigration from Mecca to Medina.

Why the surah was named al hijr?

The name of surah hijr is traced back to the valley in which the Thamud people lived. Most of the verses of surah al hijr talk about those people who were called the Companions of the hijr valley.

Wadi Al-hijr is located between Madina and Al-Sham.

When the Messenger went to Tabuk, he passed by that area quickly, because he witnessed the torment of the Thamud people, the name of the surah is mentioned in verse 80.

What is the main theme of surah al hijr?

Surah al hijr urges us to follow the religion of Allah and not to associate with the opponents, who will be punished by Allah on the Day when regret will not work.

Al hijr surah spoke about the Quran, which is the Book of Truth and Justice, which leaves nothing of the most important things of this world and the doomsday but to mention it.

Allah reminds us that every person’s end is related to what he did in this world. If he did a good deed, his reward would be Paradise, and if his deed was evil, his punishment would have been Hellfire.

Allah made the punishment and torment of the unjust nations their people in this world to be an example and tell their story after thousands of years and to confirm Allah’s ability to destroy the unjust.

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Is surah al hijr makki or madani?

Surah e hijr is one of the Meccan surahs that were revealed to the Prophet in Mecca before he migrated to Medina, except for verse 87 because it is the median one.

How to memorize surah al hijr?

Allah has commanded us, through His verses, to contemplate the Quran, and act upon it. surah al hijr

can be memorized through a mental map:

From ( 1:9) about the reaction of the polytheists to the Quran and Allah’s protection of it

From (10:15) about nations denying their messengers.

From (16:25) about the Manifestations of Allah’s power.

From (26:44) about the story of creation, and Satan’s disobedience to his Allah.

From (45:50) about the reward of the believers on the Day of Resurrection.

From (51:77) about Ibrahim’s guest and their story with the people of Lot.

From (78:86) about the owners of the ark and the owners of the hijr.

From (87:99) about Allah’s priority over his Prophet and some good tidings and directions.

Surah hijr in which para?

Surah e hijr is one of the longest surahs, it is found in Para 14, consisting of 99 verses and their 15th order in the Holy Quran.

Surah hijr benefits:

Al hijr surah has many virtues that the Muslim is happy to apply in his life as follows:

  • The holder of the right must know that the stubborn ones have existed since the beginning of Islam, and he must remain open to receiving stubbornness, disbelief, and ingratitude.
  • The believer should feel the greatness of the Creator in his creation and strengthen his faith with the miracles around him.
  • A believer may be afflicted with misguidance and bad manners in his children so that this does not make his heart sad. Nevertheless, he must strive to raise his children and do what he can, and guidance, in the end, is from Allah.
  • No matter how many blessings and power Allah bestows upon a Muslim, he should not neglect Allah’s right upon him of worship and thanksgiving.
  • The Muslim must be reassured about the recovery of rights and the return of grievances to their owners, and he knows that Allah is justice.
  • The verses of Al Hejr urge us to draw closer to Allah, enrich the spiritual aspect, and reassure the heart by being close to the Creator.
  • Whoever believes in Allah and fears Allah in his actions, Satan will not be able to enter him or incite him.

Hadith on surah hijr

There is a hadith about surah e hijr as follows:

  • It was narrated on the authority of Ali bin Abi Talib that he said on the authority of the Prophet:” Whoever recites Al Hejr will not be called to account on the Day of Resurrection and will enter Paradise without trial, and he will be rewarded for every verse he reads like the reward of the people of affliction”.
  • It is said that the people of Hell will enter Hellfire, and they will find some of the people of the Qiblah with them, and they will say to them: Were you not Muslims? و      they said:” We had sins that put us in Hell, so Allah hears their words and orders them to go to Heaven, the infidels will be jealous and wish that they were Muslims so that their torment in the Fire would end.
Surah al-hijr summary

Surah e hijr is the 15th in the Holy Quran. It consists of 99 verses that were revealed to the Messenger in Mecca. It is considered a Meccan surah, except for verse 80, which was revealed in Medina.

Surah al hijr was called by this name because its verses talked about the people of Thamud, a people who lived in the Hajar valley, which lies between Sham and Medina, and Allah’s torment fell upon them.

Al hijr surah talks about the people of Thamud or the companions of the stone who were stubborn and rejected the religion, so Allah punished them with the most severe punishment.

Surah al hijr spoked about Allah’s power and greatness in creating the universe, the heavens, the earth, plants, winds, and humans.

The Quran is the book of Allah that preserves it from distortion, and it will remain until the Day of Resurrection. It is the book of truth and justice.

Surah hijr mentioned the promises of Allah and his threat to those who violate his commands, destroy, stubborn, and force Allah’s creation.

The Day of Resurrection will come and there is no discussion about that, so everyone is waiting for his reward according to his work in this world.

Allah knows the hardship, distress, and affliction that befalls His Messengers, and He sends him reassurance through His signs.

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