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learning holy quran

learning holy quran has great merit and reward in this world and the hereafter, and the effect of social interaction in learning the Qur’an for children is also important. The surrounding environment that reads the Qur’an and listens to Quranic recitations continuously increases children’s concentration and their ability to remember what they have memorized.

And now all these possibilities are present and available in light of the spread of technology. Modern science, so try to exploit it for what is beneficial, keep your children away from what is not beneficial to them, and protect them from the temptations of life by learning holy quran and knowing the sciences of the true Islamic religion.

Distance teaching programs of the Holy Quran and their role in social development

The impact of learning holy quran on social development is very huge, as remote Quran teaching programs and smartphone applications have helped facilitate teaching and memorizing the Holy Qur’an to all people around the world in all languages, which has made it easier for families to think about this matter. 

These programs and applications have helped families. To save a lot of time and effort that they had previously expended to find a suitable place for their children to memorize the Holy Quran. The parents’ desire for their children to memorize the Holy Qur’an is due to its great role in improving human humanity, elevating his status.

And teaching him the meaning of reward and punishment, right and wrong, and one of the effects of social interaction in learning the Qur’an for children is refining children’s behavior and teaching them to respect the old and the young, to respect the elderly, and to help others. 

learning holy quran helps children from a young age to deal politely and properly with all groups of people, in addition to teaching the child to respect all religions and sects. The effect of social interaction in learning the Qur’an for children appears when they grow up with these sound foundations and teach them to others, which helps to raise a healthy society free of mistakes. 

What is the importance of teaching the Holy Quran remotely?

The importance of learning holy quran remotely lies in that it is one of the most modern and important means of teaching the Holy Qur’an, because teaching the Holy Qur’an remotely is characterized by the following:

  • Providing education opportunities for all, whether adults or children. This helps parents who want to memorize the Holy Qur’an to help their children memorize and be able to follow them.
  • learning holy quran remotely helps save time and effort, as children do not need to go to a specific place to memorize on a regular basis. Rather, they can memorize via the Internet at any time and in any place that suits their schedule.
  • Making great use of modern technologies: video clips and audio conversations can be used in addition to electronic educational applications, which facilitates the process of learning holy quran much better.
  • Providing an appropriate educational environment: learning holy quran remotely has a major role in providing an environment for students full of comfort and privacy, and the impact of social interaction.

On learning holy quran for children remotely is great, as children feel more focused with the surrounding environment that includes their peers and those who memorize like them, which encourages them to memorize and recite.

  • Continuous updating and development: learning holy quran remotely helps update the practical materials and multimedia used in students’ memorization, which suits their needs and increases their focus and attracts their attention.
  • Maintaining public safety: learning holy quran spread in light of the circumstances of the spread of the Coronavirus, and this technology was able to spread greatly and succeed in this field and achieve social solidarity.

Tips for students while memorizing the Holy Quran remotely

Students must follow some tips while learning holy quran remotely so that they can consolidate what they have memorized and not forget it. The most important of these tips are;

  • Commitment to a specific schedule to save and review what has been taken with the online teacher.
  • Listening to the Holy Quran on a daily basis from skilled reciters.
  • Follow recorded educational lessons on YouTube or other educational platforms.
  • Participating in online Quran competitions plays a major role in the impact of social interaction on children’s learning of the Qur’an because it encourages them to compete in memorizing and reciting.
  • Parents can read simplified explanations to their children about what they have memorized and narrate them in a nice way in order to create a connection between what was memorized and the reason for the revelation of the verses.

Advantages of memorizing the Qur’an for children remotely

learning holy quran for children remotely (online) provides many advantages, and among these advantages are the following:

Flexibility of location: 

Children can learn and memorize the Holy Quran from anywhere they wish, whether in their home or anywhere else. This allows them to learn in an environment that is comfortable for them, which increases their desire to continue.

Flexibility of time: 

Children can learn and memorize the Holy Quran at times convenient for them and according to their schedule. This gives them the opportunity to collect at a rate commensurate with their personal abilities and needs.

Online communication: 

Children can communicate with Qur’an teachers via the Internet, through distance education platforms, live lectures, and video communication applications. They can ask questions and inquiries and receive real-time guidance and correction.

Saving time and effort: 

learning holy quran remotely is a convenient way that saves time and effort, as children do not need to move to a specific place to attend lessons, and they do not have to rely on transportation.

Interaction and participation: 

learning holy quran gives children the opportunity to participate in online educational communities. They can connect with other colleagues who have memorized the Qur’an, share their experiences, exchange knowledge and mutual support.

Taking into account special needs: 

learning holy quran remotely provides an opportunity for children with special needs to achieve Qur’anic achievement. Education can be tailored to their specific needs and provide the necessary resources and accommodations to ensure their progress and success in memorizing the Qur’an.

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At the end of the text, learning holy quran online is one of the things that various age groups of Muslims are searching for, and in view of the increasing importance in searching for ways to learn the Qur’an remotely, we have presented through our article many paragraphs that will help you while learning holy quran.

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