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How to memorize Quran in one year? Thousands, if not millions, of Muslims are eager to Quran memorization by heart, and that’s understandable. Being a Hafiz-e-Quran is an honor. The Hifz Quran is a goal for many individuals. While some devote themselves to memorizing Quran online the entirety of the Quran, others give up. The difficulty of remembering the Quran causes some people to give up while others persevere.

How to memorize Quran fast?

You may have wondered how long it takes to memorize the Quran, whether you’re already doing it or are considering it.

You’re not alone if this nagging question has plagued you. If you’re interested in becoming a hafiz, you should know how long it takes. Many people’s responses may be contradictory. According to various sources, it might take as little as a year or as long as four or five years to learn and remember the whole Quran.

Is this proof that they are incorrect? No, I doubt it. Several variables can influence the length of time it takes to become a Hafiz. To begin, let’s go back to the basics.

1- Recommit yourself to memorizing the Quran.

Intentions are the yardstick by which we measure our deeds in Islam. If you’re serious about memorizing the Quran, you’ll get there if you put your heart and soul into it and understand the laws of recitation.

After that, it’s up to Allah to make it happen.

2- Make a timetable for memorizing the Quran and make a list of your objectives.

Using a Hifz program and making a list of your Quran memory goals might be an efficient strategy to study Quran quickly.

Set a sensible objective to keep yourself motivated and excited about memorizing the koran.

3- Make your Quran memorizing plan more manageable by breaking it into smaller tasks.

For those who want to learn to remember the Quran, a simple approach is to break down the task into smaller, more attainable tasks. For example,

finish your daily Quran memorizing goal by treating yourself to something you want.

4- Set up a study space where you can concentrate on memorizing the Quran in peace.

Set up a comfortable and peaceful space where you can focus on learning the Quran at home, and you’ll be able to follow along with the recitation word for word.

5- You may use your online Hifz program to set frequent reminders for yourself to learn Quran.

Set a reminder on your phone to regularly study the Holy Quran and Quran recitation guidelines to stay on track and finish memorizing the Quran.

There is a lot of hard work involved in learning to read the Quran using Tajweed and remembering it.

6- To ensure a consistent Hifz program schedule, enroll in online Quran sessions.

Enrolling in a reputable online Hifz course might be quite beneficial throughout your quest to learn the Quran word-for-word.

It is possible to understand the Holy Quran more quickly by taking online Hifz sessions.

7- Encourage yourself to remember the Quran by enlisting the help of a Quran memorizing buddy.

Help each other complete your online Hifz programs and complete your Quran memorization by enlisting the assistance of a family member or friend who has the similar objective of reading and memorizing the Quran.

8- Learn the Quran quickly and easily with the help of an online Quran instructor.

If you want to learn to read the Quran with Tajweed and Quran recitation guidelines more efficiently, you should hire a native online Quran instructor or a member of your community to assist you.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of Quran instructors available on the internet.

9- Listen to Tajweed-enhanced recitations of the Quran by your favorite reciter repeatedly to help you remember the verses.

Hifz programs allow you to listen to the SurahSurah you wish to remember repeatedly, familiarizing you with the words.

You’ll find it much simpler to memorize the Quran if you pick your favorite Quran recitation. This will undoubtedly aid in learning a single verse of the Quran.

10- Make a schedule for memorizing the Quran and give each task a particular amount of time.

Make sure that you set aside a specified time each day to focus on your Hifz program and master Arabic Tajweed and Quran recitation principles.

Taking the time to read and memorize the Quran in the early morning hours is a great way to start the day off on the right foot.

The Holy Quran may be memorized at any moment, so if that time doesn’t work for you, choose another one that does.

11- Never give up on learning the Quran.

A single step is all it takes to complete Quran memorizing! So keep on, and don’t stop studying the Quran. You might begin with memorizing short and easy Surahs to get your heart linked to studying the Holy Quran and to keep you motivated to memorize the Quran.

 How long does it take to memorize Quran?

To memorize the koran, there is no specific time frame. It’s necessary, though, to have a general notion of how long it will take you to memorize the Quran.

Typically, it takes between three and five years to finish learning the Quran. Many pupils memorize the Quran.

However, this is merely a preliminary estimate based on averaging data from those who have done so. The Holy Quran has been remembered by sure students in less than two years, even before that.

You may become a Hafiz in less than two to three years if you believe you have the ability, practice hard and employ an excellent online Quran tutor.

What happens if you memorize the Quran?

Quran verses are recited by Muslims across the world at least five times a day and more in some cases. Islam places a high value on memorizing and reciting the Quran.

It improves one’s mental health, faith in Allah, self-discipline, and attention to Quranic ideals. So let us explain What happens if you memorize the Quran?

Understanding Allah’s creations are explained in this book

Reading and memorizing the Quran will help you better comprehend the world around you, as well as Allah Almighty.

Enhances your ability to recall information.

People who study and memorize the holy Quran have better memories and recall information more readily.

Help to learn about the day-to-day aspects of life

Not only does the holy Quran provide guidance and instructions from Allah Almighty, but it is also a historical record of ancient countries.

According to what is written in the book of Gracious Allah: “And we have certainly presented for the people in this Quran from every example that they might remember.”

(Surah 29, verse 27).

Using this verse as an example, it is clear that the Holy Quran is a rich source of wisdom for everyone.

That’s why it’s beneficial to memorize the Quran to gain help dealing with our day-to-day issues.

a manual detailing what is allowed  and what is not

The Quran depicts both good and bad deeds. Using the stories of great individuals who have passed on educates others hopeful.

To assist us in developing patience, tolerance, Touched (the idea that Allah Almighty is the one who can solve all of our problems and deserves all praises), the Quran is also a great source of guidance.

You will be rewarded for your efforts in the hereafter.

This world’s happiness can be guaranteed by memorizing the kuran, but those who do so will also be rewarded in the hereafter.

The holy Prophet SAW said: “Read the Quran for it will come as an intercessor for its reciters on the Day of Judgment.”

According to another Hadith, Muslims can avoid hellfire if they read the Quran. “If you place the Quran in the cuticle and then you throw it in the fire, it will not burn.”

Angels would surround the memorizer of the Quran on the Day of Judgment, and the Holy Prophet SAW stated that “Whoever recites a letter from the book of Allah,

he will be credited with the good deed, and a good deed gets a tenfold reward”?

The stutter’s reward:

The majority of the world’s population does not speak Arabic as their first language. As a result, people may stumble or lose track of what they’re saying as they begin reading the Quran for the first time.

Their failure to comprehend the information may annoy them initially, but they will improve as readers with time and practice.

The fulfillment of one’s religious obligation.

As a direct order from Allah, all Muslims are expected to memorize and obey the verses of the Quran that they read. Furthermore, he encourages us to take note of the Quran’s beautiful tone.

So, as Muslims, we are obligated to recite and comprehend the Quran regularly.

How to memorize a page of the Quran in 5 minutes?

People of all faiths and none. Muslims asked the rest of the world to compose a surah based on it, but they, too, fell short of their challenge. Qur’an.

We are talking about the prayer miracle that happened because of the Prophet Muhammad. a gift in and of itself; each verse is a miracle in and of itself.

Memorization of the whole Quran in five minutes is possible with a few easy-to-follow procedures.

There are a few things that the reader has to do before reading this: The Quran should not be memorized before going to sleep.

Secondly, he recommits himself to Basmala and begins over.

As a third step, he reads the page he intends to remember from beginning to end with his eyes open. Thus, this is like taking a mental image of the page.

Once he’s memorized it, he should recite the first page of the Holy Qur’an, beginning with an ayah, five times loudly until he feels like he’s done,

then he should close his eyes and try to imagine the picture that his mind took at the third step. If that doesn’t work, he should repeat the process until he does.

A drawback to this method is that readers tend to focus on reading and to memorize only the upper portion of the page, so they’ll discover that they have a stronger memory of that portion,

which may be remedied by reading the lower part at least five times after they’ve saved the page.

If we follow this method, Muslims may remember the whole Qur’an.

Yes, that is feasible to accomplish. If we spend five minutes a day for 604 days memorizing a page, we will have it down pat. This period is a sliver of our life spent idly.

The five minutes can be divided through the whole day after prayers.

It is also possible to break the five minutes into smaller chunks throughout the day following prayers, as follows:

  •         The first five lines of the page follow the morning prayer (three lines, around 20 words).
  •         The second fifth of the page follows the midday prayer (three lines, around 20 words).
  •         The third-fifth of the page follows the Asr prayer (three lines, around 20 syllables).
  •         The fourth fifth of the page follows the Maghrib prayer (three lines of around 20 syllables).
  •         The fifth line of the page follows the Isha prayer (three lines, around 20 words).
  •         In the end, you will have satisfied Allah, the Almighty, and will be able to sleep well at night after you have prayed and reviewed what you have remembered throughout the day.
  •         Finally, on a day of the week, let’s say Friday, an hour is set out to review what you’ve learned over the week.

You should be done with the first half of the first section in ten days if everything goes according to plan.

You should be able to complete the first five portions in three months and ten days if Allah will.

You should also not feel sluggish if Allah leads you to memorize more than one page every day. Instead, aim to memorize twice as many lines every day, which will allow you to complete your task faster.

For all people, regardless of their age or level of education, or maturity, the primary approach of self-improvement is a good fit.

However, it does demand tenacity and persistence and a disregard for this self that is ill-advised.

How to memorize one page of the Quran a day?

Reading the Quran several times a day, uninterrupted, is the most effective method of memorizing and understanding it.

Memorizing it will help you better grasp and repeat its content. One page every day should be enough to cover all except the most crucial verses in a given chapter or portion of a certain Quran.

How to review memorized Quran?

You should continue to recite the Qur’an as your daily recollection for the rest of your life, just as the Messenger of Allah -Shallallaahu’alayhu’alayh wa Sallam (blessing and peace be upon him), did. Thus, he could complete his recital of the Qur’an every seven days. I questioned the Companions of Allah’s Messenger -Shallallaahu’alayh wa Sallam- about how they divide the Qur’an, answered Aus Ibn Hudaifa -may Allah have compassion on him (for daily remembrance). Soorah 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and from soorah QAF to the conclusion were the numbers spoken. The story is told by a man named Ahmad. As a result, the reading of the Qur’an was separated into three parts:

On the first day, recite Al Fatihah till the conclusion of An Nisaa, the last verse of the Qur’an.

First day: Reciting the soorah “Al Maida” until the conclusion of the soorah “At Tawba.”

Day 3: Recite the whole soorah “Yunus” till the end of day 4.

After soorah “Al Isra’ till the completion of soorah “Al Furqan” is recited on the fourth day.

Soorah “Ash Shura” until the conclusion of the soorah “Yaasin” on the fifth day:

Soorah “Ash Shaffat” to the close of soorah “Al Hujurat” on the sixth day:

Soorah “Qaf” is recited until “A Naas” on the seventh day.

How to memorize Quran and never forget it?

·A sheikh or an ustadz (religious instructor) must correct your recital of the Qur’an as you learn to memorize it.

· Every day, try to memorize two pages, one after Fajr and after Ashr or Maghrib. You may learn the whole Qur’an in a year using this approach.

If you try to add more than that, your memory will become weak because of the many verses.

·  It’s simpler if you memorize from soorah An Naas to soorah Al Baqara. Starting with soorah Al Baqara till soorah An Naas, after you’ve memorized the whole Qur’an, is the best place to start the repetition.

· Using one form of mushaf at a time, learn the whole Qur’an and use that knowledge to improve your memory and speed up your ability to recall the verse order, as well as the beginning and end of each page of the Qur’an.

·Almost everyone who memorizes the Qur’an in their first two years of life quickly forgets it. The gathering phase (Marhalah Tajmi’) is the name given to this stage. Because this is a challenging and testing time, don’t feel bad about the memory loss or the mistakes you’ve made. In addition, be on the lookout for Satan, who will entice you to abandon your Qur’anic recitations. Keep on memorizing the Qur’an, ignoring your worries and temptations, for it is a priceless gem that not everyone has access to.

How to teach your child to memorize Quran?

Memorizing the Quran is more challenging than anything for any of us who comes from non-Arabic environments. For parents,

learning Quran for kids needs more than hard work and responsibility, determination, and patience.

Memorizing Quran for kids will help you be closer to Allah to apply the verse in everyday life. In addition, you will see a different perspective to resolve a problem when you recite the verse daily.

That is why memorizing the Quran is essential not only for your children but for yourself as the most rewarding deed in Islam.

Teaching your children to memorize the Quran could not be as easy as you imagine. So, here we have some tips for you on how to teach your children to memorize the Quran.

1. Learn About the Learning Styles of Your Children

kids memorizing Quran comes in different ways way of learning. Your children’s education will benefit the most if you can identify a suitable sort of learning method for them.

Your kids may be visual or primarily auditory, depending on their learning styles. If you want to understand your children, you must first pass through them and learn about their religious beliefs.

Once you’ve located it, all you’ll have to do is provide them with the greatest possible resource. Use a coloring and art book to help your kids study the Quran as visual learners.

A child’s passion for drawing and coloring makes it easier to remember what is inside the box.

Keep in mind that the Quran was written for those who believed, and you may learn from it. You’re doing a good deed by instilling a love of learning in your children.

2. Take the Easiest Path First.

To quickly learn Quran for kids, If you want to educate your children to remember the Quran, don’t complicate things by making it harder for them to do so.

Try short surah recitation from the Quran like Al Fatihah if you’re having trouble.

To help your children memorize this Surah, it will be performed throughout each of our five daily prayers.

Make your youngsters fall in love with you by reciting the short rhyme in conjunction with another surah. Remember that the Quran was written to make it easy to recall its teachings.

So, keep up the hard work and patience you’ve put in to teach your children.

3. Make the most of technology like Quran audio for kids.

With modern technology, we can improve our ability to pick up new skills quickly. The most excellent option for you is to use technology to help your children memorize the passage from the Quran.

You may acquire Quranic verses Apps for your smartphone or tablet.

Using another way, such as listening to a few verses from an audio clip, helps your children better comprehend the passage.

If your children still have difficulty hearing, have them follow the video lesson.

It will be much simpler for them to memorize certain verses if they like seeing videos of Bible stories being animated.

4. Maintain Your Focus while Quran online for kids

Keep your youngsters on track while you educate Quran online for kids to run. You’ll be able to tell precisely where your children have crossed the finish line.

In addition, you may quickly correct them if they’re erroneous.

Keep in mind that your children count on you, so don’t attempt to make things difficult for them. It will sabotage your teaching methods since your students will feel that they are being made to do so.

Allah does not love those who compel others to learn something, although Islam has specific teaching qualities. verse 159 of Surah Ali Imran

5. Make a Compliment

As soon as a youngster has successfully memorized a verse of the Quran via Quran online for kids, reward them with a pat on the back! A child’s love of prizes and presents will lead to them readily memorizing the Quran as they get older, and it becomes a habit.

That’s how the Islam way of becoming more intelligent works. When they receive compliments, they become more motivated and enthusiastic about memorizing verses from the Quran one by one.

It would help if you merely commended your children on their favorite snacks or toys to show them how much they mean to you.

But, for the sake of Islam, you must keep your vow to your children and be steadfast in keeping it.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you begin teaching your children the Quran from an early age. Ameen to you and your loved ones, O Allah!

Many parents are torn between educating their children about Islam’s five pillars, ensuring that Ramadan and Hajj are fun for them, purchasing the most excellent Islamic toys and literature,

and even beginning to teach their children the Arabic alphabet. What a lot of questions there are!

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching the Quran to young children. However, as a parent,

you can profit from sending your child to formal educational institutes or teaching at home, depending on your family’s needs.

How to Make Time to Teach Your Child the Quran?

To be a mother, we know how difficult it is to learn Quran for kids. Likewise, it’s challenging to get your child to read the Quran with you, whether you have one child or a large family.

They don’t even sit down! On top of that, we have a never-ending list of tasks to accomplish. So how do you manage to teach your child?

Start by establishing a routine for your youngster. If you’d like to see an example of my way for a 3-year-old child, you can view it here—summer and school-age children’s routines here.

You may purchase this whole set of printed routine charts if you want.

In other words, schedule a period during the day to teach your youngster.

If we want our children to grow up appreciating the Quran and the Sunnah, we should guide them in the right direction rather than forcing them to study something they don’t want to learn.

We will never be able to love something we are afraid of. So don’t scare your kids into studying the Koran and praying by saying that doing so would lead them to damnation.

That’s a blatant lie. Instead, extol the merits of memorizing the Quran and praying five times a day, as outlined in the Quran itself. Kids memorizing Quran should be kept interesting all the time.

Who was the first person to memorize the holy Quran?

The Qur’an was revealed to the holy Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad, son of Abdullah, by Archangel Gabriel.

Thus, according to the Quranic evidence, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the first person to remember the Qur’an because he was given the capacity to do so by Allah.

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