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battle of uhud

Why did the battle of Uhud happen? In the third year after Hijra and after the battle of Badr, Quraish prepared an army composed of 3,000 soldiers from Quraish and the loyal tribes, then marched to Medina to revenge the loss in Badr and to regain the value and prestige between tribes that were lost in Badr.

Allah said in Al-Imran surah, verse no 140:

“If a wound touches you, the others were being touched by a wound like it, and we altered those days between people, and Allah will Know who believes and takes martyrs, and Allah doesn’t like the offenders”

What is the battle of Uhud?

In the second year after the migration of the prophet PBUH to Medina, the Battle of Badr occurred, Here an army of 300 Muslims, two horses, and 70 camels attacked a convoy belonging to Quraish and was on their way to Al Sham, the convoy sent to Quraish and Quraish sent to them an army of 1000 man. 

At the end of this battle, there were 70 men of Quraish killed, and Amr Ibn Hisham one of the Quraish leaders was between them, and the other 70 slaves.

Here, Quraish lost part of its prestige among the other tribes and felt afraid that Muslims would threaten their convoys which are the main source of their economy, so they decided to prepare for another battle, the battle of Uhud. 

When did the battle of Uhud take place?

The battle of Uhud date, On Saturday the 7th of Shawal, after the battle of Badr nine months in the third year of Hijra, the battle of Uhud was firing.

Allah said in Al Imran in verse no 166, about ghazwa e Uhud” And what had happened to you in the day that the two armies met, is under  the will of Allah to know the believers”

battle of Uhud map

battle of uhud map
battle of Uhud map

Who was the leader of Quraysh in the battle of Uhud?

The general leadership was under Abi Sufyan, and the leadership of the Knights was under Khaled IBn Al Walid.

Who led the Battle of Uhud?

The leadership of the Muslim army was under the Holy Prophet PBUH.

The battle of Uhud story

  •  Quraish and their loyal tribes crowded an army consisting of 3,000 men, 700 armors, 3,000 camels, and 200 horses, the general management of the army was by Abi Sufyan, and the leader of the Knights was Khalid Ibn Al Walid from Quraish, and the brigade commander was from the tribe of sons of Abd Al Dar.
  • Secretly, Al-Abbas Ibn Abd Al Muttalib, the uncle of the prophet PBUH, sent to him the news about the preparation of Quraish,
  • Here our prophet PBUH saw a dream that was revealed to him from Allah, that cows were slaughtered and his sword was broken. He knew that this dream meant that there would be martyrs from his companions and one of them would be his close relative.
  • Our beloved prophet told his companions about his revealed dream and asked them what they preferred to do.
  • He Knew the Battle of Uhud results from the beginning, but He wanted to teach them the role of advice.
  • Here, the youngsters from Al Ansar asked PBUH to get out of Medinah and fight, they didn’t want Quraish to think that Muslims were afraid of their fight.
  • A group of Al Ansar took the duty of guarding the Prophet PBUH and they were:
  1. Saad Ibn Mo’as
  2. Saad Ibn Obada
  3. Osayd Ibn Hodair
  • The plan of the Prophet PBUH was as follows:
  • The medina will be in front of them and the mountain of Uhud will be behind them.
  • A group that was formed of 50 shooters by the leadership of Abdullah Ibn Al Jobair, will settle in A place that is now called the shooter mountain, here the restricted order for the shooters is to stay in their places and never to move from their places whatever happened, and he said that” get the horses away from us by the arrows”
  • then he divided the army into 3 divisions and he was the leader of the forehead.
  • The brigade holder was Mus’ab Ibn Omair.

How many Muslim Fought in Battle of Uhud?

At the beginning of their way to Uhud, the number of Muslims was around 1,000 men, but before they reached the land of the battle 300 men by Abdullah Ibn Obai Ibn Salol, the head of the hypocrites, retreated and left the army of the Muslims.

Who ran away from the battle of Uhud?

A group composed of 300 men under the leadership of Abdullah ibn obi ibn Salul, escaped from the battle.

The most important lesson in the battle of Uhud was that the prophet Knew the Hypocrites and their leader.

Battle of Uhud Facts and accidents

  • When the news was that the army of Quraish was on the way to Al Medina, the Prophet PBUH ordered the settlers of Al Medina to stay at it to defend it when the Muslims’ army was fighting.
  • Then the two Armies marched towards each other, then the prophet Gave his sword to Abou Dojana Al Ansary, he was famous for his prideful walk between the crowds, and the prophet said:” This is a walk that Allah and His prophet Hate unless in this situation”.
  • When the fight began Ali Ibn Abi Talib killed Talha from the sons of Abd al Dar and he was the brigade holder of Quraish, then Quraish gave it to another man who was killed by Sa’ad Ibn Abi Waqas, then the Brigade turned to another man who was killed by Muslims then the brigade was held by a woman from Quraish called Omrah Bnt Alkema.
  • Here the Muslims began to form scattered battalions and spread between the crowds of Quraish, the Muslims’ arrows began to strike the Meccan horses and their soldiers began to escape.
  • Here, the mountain shooters from Muslims began to shout “spoils, spoils” and  40 of them began to move from their sites to collect the spoils and disobey the order of our prophet PBUH.
  • Of all the arches of Quraish, there were two that were organized and stable and the leadership of them were Khaled Ibn Al Walid and Ekrema Ib Abi Jahl.

How badly was the prophet hurt at battle of Uhud?

Due to the disobedience of the shooters, the Meccan army regathered its strength again and reattack the Muslims and reached the point where the prophet PBUH settled down and hurt him as follows:

  • Otba Ibn Abi Waqqas hit the holy Prophet on his honorable head and broke his helmet, the spines of the helmet were implanted in his skull, and his quartet was broken.
  • Abdullah Ibn Shehab Al Zohary made a severe wound on the prophet’s forehead.
  • Abdullah Ibn kame’aa broke his Honorable nose.

Here, Abou Dojana Al Ansari saw the Prophet PBUH and then Kneeled to cover the holy prophet PBUH by his body, it was narrated that his back was like the back of the hedgehog due to the arrows that were implanted on his body.

Then Mus’ab Ibn Omair Zyad Ibn Al Skan, and other five men from Al Ansar came to defend the Holy Prophet and were killed one by one.

Who won the battle of Uhud?

According to the history Battle of Uhud, the net results were:

  •  At the end of the battle, 70 Muslims were martyred and Hamza Ibn Abd Al Muttalib, the Uncle of the holy prophet who was called the lion of Allah, was between them.
  • The beloved prophet PBUH was hurt on his Honorable head and there was a roamer that he was killed.
  • The disbelievers’ team from Mecca only lost 23 men of their army.

Now, you could see that was a great loss and it was, but Allah taught Muslims what is the result of the disobedience of Allah and his prophet PBUH, revealed the hypocrites to our prophet, and tested the faith of the believers.

How many sahaba were martyred in the battle of Uhud?

By the end of Uhud, there were 70 Muslims who were martyred, and here are some names of them

Hamza Ibn Abd Al Muttalib

  • He was the uncle of the Prophet and his breastfeeding brother,  and was “called the Lion of Allah”
  • Allah honored Islam with him in the second year after the prophethood, and he migrated to Medina with the Prophet and the prophet PBUH, making a brotherhood between him and Zayd ibn Haritha.
  • He fought in Badr and was martyred in Uhud by Wahshi Ibn Harb.

In the dream that the Holy Prophet saw, his sword was broken and he knew that meant the loss of one of his relatives, he went to find Hamza and he found him in the valley, and his body was represented and his liver was taken, it was the most painful sight to the prophet, and although washi became a Muslim the prophet couldn’t look to his face ever.

Mus’ab ibn Omair

He was the brigade holder in both Badr and Uhud, he was hilled in Uhud by Ibn Kame’a, he cut his right hand so Mosa’ab took the Brigade by the left hand, then he cut the left hand so he held the Brigade by his upper arms then he killed him.

When the Prophet PBUH saw him Martyred he recited the verse” There are from the believers, men who made what they promised Allah to do, some of them were martyred and others are waiting and they didn’t alter their promise” verse no 23 Al Ahzab Surah.

Anas Ibn Al Nadr

He couldn’t be in Badr and he promised that he would show good in himself to Allah and his Prophet.

In Uhud, when he heard that the prophet was killed he said to Muslims” Why you are living after him, come on to die on what the prophet lived in”. 

he said to Saad Ibn Muaz As that, he felt the smell of Heaven under Uhud, then they found him in the place that he pointed to with more than 80 cuts and wounds on his body.  

 We should tell the stories of the Battle of Uhud for kids, and teach them how were the companions of our Prophet PBUH heroes, and that we should respect, love, and do our best to represent Islam as it should be represented.

Battle of Uhud summary

In the third year of Al Hijra after the Battle of Badr, Quraysh under the Leadership of Abi Sufyan decided to take their revenge on Muslims, and they arranged for their army to fight.

 It was a great battle, Uhud, that Muslims were heroes with their small number of fighters, and they were about to defeat the disbelievers for the second time, but due to the disobedience to the orders of our prophet, the shooters left their places to collect the spoils.

In the Battle of Uhud hadith the prophet, PBUH ordered the shooters to keep the horses of Quraysh by their Arrows and never to leave their sight.

At the end of Uhud, 70 men were martyred and many lessons to be learned.

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