Perfect Your Quran Recitation: Top Benefits of Online Tajweed Lessons

tajweed lessons online is one of the most important sciences of the Holy Qur’an. It has an effective role in improving the quality of recitation of the Qur’an, and with the technological development that we have witnessed in recent years, it has become possible to learn Tajweed online via the Internet. So, how can tajweed lessons online be learned remotely from scratch, and what are the benefits of studying Tajweed online? What are the challenges that can be faced when learning tajweed lessons online? Below we discover more details.

What is the difference between intonation and tarteel?

tajweed lessons online and tartil are two terms that are close in meaning, but they differ in some details. Tajweed is giving each letter of the Holy Qur’an its right of attributes and exits, and its due of the rulings resulting from its juxtaposition with other letters, and it includes the rulings of recitation such as making it visible and hidden, extending and shortening, singing and thinning. 

Tajweed aims to master the pronunciation of the Holy Qur’an and improve its recitation. As for tarteel, it is the recitation of the Holy Qur’an slowly and slowly, taking into account the rules of intonation. It includes intonation of the letters, in addition to improving and intonation of the voice, taking into account stopping and starting. 

It also aims to understand the meanings of the Holy Qur’an and reflect on it. There are a number of means that work to facilitate the correct pronunciation of letters from their vowels, including listening to reciters and repeating with them. 

You can watch some short episodes on intonation in the Holy Qur’an to learn intonation, and you can enjoy learning intonation and learning about all the provisions of intonation and recitation of the Holy Qur’an.

Is it possible to learn Tajweed at home?

tajweed lessons online are suitable for people who live in areas far from higher educational centers. Thanks to modern technologies, Tajweed lessons can be accessed online at any time and from anywhere. tajweed lessons online also provides learners with the ability to organize their own time and methodology, and learners can progress at a rapid rate. It suits them and refers to the concepts they need further clarification.

The Internet provides a variety of resources for teaching Tajweed remotely, and learners can benefit from video lessons and applications available online, in addition to Qur’anic materials available in various formats.

Technology and the Internet are considered a powerful means of learning tajweed lessons online, as they provide many benefits such as availability, flexibility, and diversity of educational sources, which is what the Mudakir application works to provide at the different levels that it offers to all those wishing to learn tajweed lessons online.

What are the ways and means of learning tajweed lessons online?

The methods and means of learning tajweed lessons online are many and varied, including:

  • Learning must be from a skilled sheikh or a trustworthy teacher.
  • Repeatedly listening and reading the Holy Qur’an according to the provisions of Tajweed.
  • Choose one of the reciters who is proficient in the rules of Tajweed and listen to him frequently.
  • Using the Holy Quran Radio or audio and video broadcasts.
  • Read Tajweed books such as: The Book of Tajweed Al-Muyassar, and Al-Burhan fi Tajweed of the Qur’an.
  • Purchase Tajweed Qur’an books in which the Tajweed rules are colored, which makes it easier for the reader to apply them easily.

What is the importance of teaching the Holy Quran?

Memorizing the Holy Qur’an carries great importance in the religious and spiritual life of Muslims, and includes several aspects that positively affect the individual and society. The importance of teaching the Holy Qur’an lies in:


The Holy Qur’an is considered a source of guidance as it contains divine directives, moral values, as well as teachings that direct the individual towards righteous behavior.

Promoting servitude to Allah:

Learning the tajweed lessons online contributes to deepening the relationship between the individual and Allah and enhancing servitude to Him, as a Muslim can find wisdom and guidance in Allah’s words.

Promoting spirituality and faith:

Memorizing the Holy Qur’an enhances the individual’s spirituality and faith and thus contributes to deepening his understanding of spiritual matters and his faith in Allah.

Personal development:

Learning tajweed lessons online also includes many human values and principles that contribute to developing an individual’s personality and improving his behavior and relationships.

Preserving Islamic heritage:

Learning tajweed lessons online also contributes to preserving the Islamic heritage and transmitting it from generation to generation, as well as preserving the Arabic language.

How does the Holy Quran teaching course at Quran Oasis Academy help memorize the Quran?

To clarify; The Holy Qur’an teaching course at Quran Oasis Academy contributes to memorizing the Qur’an and achieving this noble goal in several ways:

Specialized educational curriculum:

The Quran Oasis Academy course offers a specialized educational curriculum designed to study the Holy Quran, which includes presenting verses and surahs in an appropriate way for students to facilitate the memorization process.

Qualified teachers:

On the other hand, Quran Oasis Academy offers an opportunity to learn from teachers who specialize in teaching the Holy Quran and have the experience and knowledge necessary to guide students and help them memorize.

Modern educational technologies:

Quran Oasis Academy uses modern and innovative educational technologies to enhance the memorization process, such as educational videos, interactive exercises, regular tests, and audio exercises.

Integrated training program:

Quran Oasis Academy provides an integrated training program that includes periodic reviews, applied exercises, and continuous monitoring, which helps students improve their memorization and recitation skills.

Motivational environment:

The Academy provides a motivating and supportive environment for students, where they are encouraged to persevere by providing rewards and recognition for progress and achievements.


Quran Oasis Academy also provides individual support to each student, where they are followed up and provided with the necessary assistance to overcome difficulties and achieve their memorization goals while learning tajweed lessons online.

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