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Moses in Islam

Moses in Islam (Arabic: موسى بن عمران) written (Moses, Musa, musa ibn Imran ) is one of the possessors of constancy of messengers that were sent by Allah, and the most individual prophet to be mentioned in the Quran in many positions, he was mentioned in Quran 136 times.

“And we sent Moses with our verses to bring your people from dark to light and remind them by the days of Allah”

 Allah said in Surat Ibrahim,verse5.

Is Moses in the Quran?

The prophet Musa (Arabic: موسى عليه السلام ) was the most Prophet who was mentioned in Quran as we said he was mentioned 136 times.

Here we will mention some verses about Moses in the Quran:

  • “And when we gave Moses the book and the criterion for you to be guided” surat Al-Bakara, verse 53.

Here, Allah is talking to the Israelites that he sent the prophet Musa PBUH to them with the book ”Torah”, which contained the legislations that will guide them to the ٌright way.

  • “Moses said to his people that the earth is for Allah, that he inherits it to whomever he wills, and the end is for the pious believers” surat Al-Araf, verse128.

Here when pharoas threaten the followers of the prophet Musa PBUH that he will kill them and will take their women as slaves, the prophet Musa PBUH told them to seek help from Allah and be patient,  because the earth is belonging to Allah and the final prevail and win are to the believers.

Does Islam believe in Moses?

Prophet Moses in Islam is one of the possessors of constancy of messengers, that our faith can’t be completed without believing that they are messengers of Allah.

In surat Al-Bakara, the verse 136, Allah said:

” say we believed in Allah and what was revealed to Abraham, Ismael, Ish’ak, Jacob, and the tribes, and what was given to Moses and Jesus, and what was given to the prophets from Allah,  we don’t differentiate between any of them, and we all are submissive to him”

Here in those verses, Allah commanded the believers to believe in all the prophets, there is no difference in Islam between all prophets, they all are our beloved prophets, and we All are submissive to the commands of our Lord.

What is the name of Moses’s mother in Islam?

Moses’s mother was mentioned in the Quran and sunnah many times but without mentioning her name but she was mentioned as” the mother of Moses”.

In the Era of Pharoas, he was Afraid of a prediction that a boy from Israelites will come and will destroy his kingdom, he ordered to kill each newborn boy, his consultant persuade him to kill one year and let the newborns of the other year alive.

Harun, the brother of Moses, was born in the year that Pharoah let them be alive, but Moses was born with an order to be killed.

Allah revealed to the mother of Musa:

  • Here Allah revealed to Moses’s mother to do a dangerous thing but Allah promise her to keep him safe. Allah revealed to her to put him in a wicker basket then throw the basket in the Nile.

As Allah said to her that he will save him, the Nile threw the basket to the beach, where Pharoas and his wife found him and his wife persuaded him to take Moses as a servant.

  • In another situation, Allah revealed to the Mother of Musa not to be sad because he will return Moses to his mother, here Musa refused to suckle from any other woman, his sister convince the wife of Pharaoh that she knew a woman who can breastfeed him.

The wife of Pharoah accepted and they called the mother of Musa to come, finally, she hold her son again in her arms, here the promise of Allah was true and he saved her son and gave him back to her. 

Who is the father of Moses in Islam?

The name of the father of Musa was mentioned in Sirah not in Quran, as our prophet Muhamed PBUH mentioned Prophet MUSA PBUH as” Musa IBN Imran”.

Imran was a man of Israelites who lived in Egypt in the time of Pharoas after the time of the prophet” Yousef” PBUH.

He was a descendant son of the prophet of Allah Jacob, and Imran had two sons prophets of Israelites Musa and Harun. 

 How many miracles Moses performed in Islam?

Allah in surat Al-Israa, verse 101 said” we gave Moses nine clear signs, so ask the Israelites when he came to them, and Pharoas told him that I think you are enchanted, Moses”

Here in the explanation of ibn Abbas that those signs are the miracles of prophethood, and they are:

1-his hand:

Allah said in surat Al-Shora’a” and he got his hand out that it was bright for the observers”

Here Allah described the hand of Moses in the Quran, that it turned into bright white that radiated light to the observers.

2-his stick:

ِAlah said in surat Al-Araf, verse107:

“He threw his stick then it turned into a serpent that is clearly shown”

When Pharoas called his sorcerers because he thought that the miracles of Moses is magic that they can beat him in, Moses told them to begin.

They threw their rodes that seemed to be moving like snakes by the effect of their magic, Musa was about to be worried but Allah revealed to him that the prevalence will be to him.

Prophet Musa threw his rode which turned into a great serpent that ate all the other snakes. 

3-striking the stone with his stick:

Allah said in surat Al-bakara, verse 60:

“And when Musa Asked water to his people, we said strike with your stick the stone, the water pumped out from it into 12 water springs, everyone knew their point to drink, eat and drink from the goods of Allah and don’t corruptively spread in the earth” 

Here, Allah revealed to Musa to use his stick to perform his miracle on the rock earth to help his people to drink.

4-striking the sea with his stick:

ِwhen prophet Musa and his followers were escaping from Pharoah and his soldiers and the large see in front of them, Allah revealed to Musa PBUH to strike the sea with his stick, suddenly the sea split into two large mountains that are separated by clear earth, that Musa and his followers can pass through.

When Pharoh and his soldiers tried to pass after them the sea turned back to its natural and they couldn’t survive.

What we mentioned were the miracles that Moses in the Quran has performed by the revealing of Allah, here are some other miracles that have been happened during his prophethood such as:

The deluge which flooded the deniers, locusts that finished their crops, vermins, frogs, and all their water resources turned into the blood that they couldn’t drink.

Another miracle is when Allah called Musa from the right side of the mountain on his own he said to him” Musa I am your lord don’t Be Afraid” Prophet Moses in Islam is Called” Kaleem Allah

As Allak talked to him.

How long did Moses live for in Islam?

There is no evidence in Quran or sunnah about how long did the prophet Musa actually lived but the historical book said he almost lived for 120 years.

How many wives did Moses have in Islam?

There is only one story about Moses wife in Islam, but the books of history mentioned that he had four wives.

Now, we will mention the story of Moses wife in Islam:

At the beginning of Musa’s adulthood, he was accused of killing a man from the Israelites, he escaped to Madian, and on his way to the well of Madian, he saw two women are waiting their turn to get water from the well and their father is old man, Musa helped them to get water and return to the shade of the tree.

When one of them return to her father, she told him about Musa and described Musa as a strong, and honest man.

Their father sent his daughters to Musa to call him because their father wanted to reward him for the good he did. Musa accepted his invitation and went to their home in the Median.

When the father saw Musa he believed that he is a strong and honest man, and he asked him to marry one of his daughters, on the other hand, he will work for their father for eight years.

Musa married the man’s daughter and he returned to Egypt with his family after ten years.

How did Moses die in Islam?

The prophet Muhammad PBUH said about the death of the Prophet Musa PBUH that Allah send the angel of death to the prophet Musa in the appearance of a man and told Musa that Allah send him to Musa to take his saul.

Musa hit him in his face and spoiled his eye, here the angel returned to Allah and told him that Allah send him to servant hate to die.

Allah recovered his eye and told him to go back to Musa and to tell him to put his hand on the back of an ox, that the number of hair his hand can cover will be the number of years he will live.

Musa asked then what? the angel answered, then death, Musa said then let me die now, but make me die near the holy land as the stone can be thrown and can reach it.

Where is Moses buried in Islam?

As the story of Musa death in Islam showed that the prophet moses asked to die near the holly land and the prophet Muhammad ( PBUH ) said that he was buried there near the red Mountain.


Moses in Islam is one of the possessors of consistency of the messengers, the Muslims should believe in him, love him, and respect him to be faithful to Allah.

Moses was mentioned in 136 places in the Quran, and his story was the most mentioned. His life and his message from Allah are the most related to our prophet Muhamed PBUH.

“Peace be upon Him and Upon all the prophets of Allah”

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