Memorize the Quran Faster with Word by Word Techniques

Memorizing al quran word by word is an extremely important matter in the lives of Muslims. The Qur’an is the book of Allah that carries within it guidance and light. Memorizing and correct recitation of it is considered one of the greatest acts of worship and the greatest good deeds. 

With the development of technology, many tools and applications have appeared that help Muslims memorize the Qur’an in ways Innovative and effective, and in this article we review the best tools and applications for memorizing al quran word by word, and the easy methods of memorization.

Tips to help you in the process of memorizing al quran word by word

Speaking of the best way to memorize al quran word by word, here are some tips that will help you in the memorization process:

  • First: You must set a goal for memorizing al quran word by word and developing a plan to achieve this goal, a daily, weekly, and monthly plan that enables you to pursue this goal in a regular and organized manner, otherwise you will not be able to continue achieving this goal.
  • Second: Identify the part you want to memorize, read it, and understand it. First, understanding is the cornerstone of memorization.
  • Third: Make sure you pronounce the verses correctly. You can initially seek help from someone familiar with memorizing the Holy Qur’an to help you read it correctly.
  • Fourth: When determining the section you want to memorize, read it ten times while looking at the Qur’an, then read it again ten times without looking at the Qur’an, and if you make a mistake, repeat this process again again. This is a way to preserve the verses in memory.
  • Fifth: If some verses have been memorized, always use them in your prayers. Always read them while waiting for something or while walking.
  • Sixth: Do not start any new verse until the previous verse has been memorized. Allah Almighty revealed the Holy Qur’an in an objective order that should not be deviated from.
  • Seventh: Use the same Qur’an or the same format in which the verses are written throughout the period of memorizing the Holy Qur’an word for word so that you do not get confused.
  • Eighth: Taking into account that there are similarities in the Holy Qur’an and there are parts of it that are similar to each other, you can take this as a reason to make memorization easier for you.

How to prepare yourself to memorize al quran word by word

Before you start memorizing al quran word by word, you must prepare first by taking some steps, which are:

  • Purity and ablution: Before touching the Holy Quran, you must be pure and perform ablution.
  • Make an intention to memorize the Holy Qur’an word for word.
  • Finding a quiet place to memorize will also help you focus and understand.
  • Start by praying to seek knowledge and success to make your task easy and accessible.

Advantages of memorizing the Holy Quran

In addition to the great reward and merit that the reader receives, memorizing al quran word by word has many benefits, which are:

  • The memorizer of the Qur’an has the right to be an imam for the people in prayer.


  • Also, the memorizer of al quran word by word has a great position in Paradise. The more you memorize the Qur’an and its verses, the higher your rank in Paradise will be.
  • Likewise, a memorizer of al quran word by word will have his parents honored in the afterlife as a reward for their son’s memorization of the Qur’an and their assistance to him in memorizing the Holy Qur’an word for word.
  • The memorizer of al quran word by word has the right to run for the emirate or the presidency, in addition to the availability of other conditions for that.
  • The memorizer of al quran word by word, Allah allocates special intercession for him in the afterlife because of his memorization of the Book of Allah.

The method or steps for memorizing the Holy al quran word by word

  • Read the first verse ten times, then the second ten times, and so on until reaching the fourth verse.
  • Then read the first four verses ten times together to establish connection between them.
  • Also read verse fifteen times, then verse sixteen times, and so on until reaching the eighth verse.
  • Also read from the fifth to the eighteenth verse ten times together.
  • Read the first to eighth verses together ten times, and so on.
  • Memorizing a specific part of the Qur’an, then stopping memorizing a new part for a certain period and starting to review the part that was previously memorized.
  • Adding a new part to save while reviewing part of what was previously saved.
  • Finish memorizing another new part while reviewing the old part, then stop for a while to memorize something else new.
  • Review the new part with the old part together, and so on until you finish memorizing al quran word by word.

But after you finish memorizing al quran word by word, how do you review it and remember it? You can start by reading and reviewing two parts per day and repeat reading it three times a day. Thus, you can review the entire Qur’an in about two weeks, and continue this approach for a year, after which you will obtain a strong memorization of the Holy Qur’an.

Techniques and methods for speed reading the Holy Quran

There are many techniques and methods that can be used to improve speed reading of al quran word by word, including:

1.Eye-acceleration technology: 

Improve speed reading ability by improving eye-acceleration technology. This technique is used to train the eyes to quickly move between words and sentences.

2.Mindfulness technique: 

Mindfulness technique can help improve focus and attention, which in turn helps improve the ability to read quickly.

3.Word repetition technique: 

Word repetition can help improve understanding and memory, and this technique can be used to enhance speed reading.

4.Audio reading technique: 

This technique contributes to enhancing memory activity and increasing the rate of understanding and comprehension of Quranic texts and verses. It also enhances the reader in reading the Qur’an quickly.

5.Memorization technique: 

This can be improved by memorizing al quran word by word and surahs and focusing on repeating them repeatedly. This can embed those verses in the heart and help you read them quickly later.


At the end of the text, memorizing al quran word by word is one of the most prominent methods used by many during memorization. Thus, in our article today, we mentioned many steps and tips that will definitely help you master memorizing the Qur’an word for word.

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