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pronounce Quran letters

How to pronounce Quran letters? There is no doubt that we all love the Noble Qur’an and Quran pronunciation its great verses touch our hearts. Our souls are very attached to some verses, so we consider them our favorite verses and we are happy when our eyes fall on them or hear them by chance anywhere.

So how to learn idghaam and ikhfa.

And in order to be more attached to the Qur’an, we must understand it, and in order to understand it,

we first need to read it correctly with the correct formation and intonation and with the frequency on the authority of our prophet Muhammad – may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him.

First of all, I want you to know that there are some words in the Qur’an that you will not be able to Quran pronunciation correctly unless you hear them,

how they were pronounced about our prophet Muhammad.

They do not apply to correct formation or the rules of intonation; It’s just pronounced like that frequently.

That is why, with the Qur’an, you must learn it from one of the Qur’an’s memorizers or listen to a lot of readers and focus on how each word is pronounced so that your hearing becomes accustomed to its pronunciation as it is.

Of course, they are few words compared to the rest of the words of the Qur’an, to which the rules of intonation apply.

How to pronounce Quran letters?

  • First: The major rule is to come up with the formation of each letter as it is, the open, the broken, the compound, and the consonant, and if you stand on a word or on the head of a verse, the last letter of the word will be a consonant, regardless of its movement. And you can pronounce Quran online when you attend our class. Check it throughout our website.
  • Second: You must give each letter its right to pronounce. If you are one of the people who are accustomed to speaking quickly, then slow down in reading the Qur’an until you can give the letter its right and take it out of its way. Each of the Arabic letters has a different output from the other?

How to pronounce Quran in Arabic?

  1. You should have noticed that the letter “Saad” comes out more amplified than the “S”. Based on this, you must know the emphasized letters, which are summarized in the sentence “specify the pressure of awakening” so you memorize them like this until you remember them, each of these letters comes out embellished to a certain degree, but in the end, it remains embellished.
  2. The word (Allah), which is one of the words that we utter always resonates, and this is not true. The word (Allah) in the Qur’an sometimes comes in glossy and sometimes it comes in glyphs.

How to pronounce Quran words?

Kaf, Lam, and Meem in the language denote two origins: One of them: denotes an intelligible pronunciation. The other: a surgeon. The first is speech. She says: His word is speaking to him.

He is my word, if he speaks to you, or his word. Moreover, the Arabs expanded on this,

so they called the single intelligible word a word, the story a word, and the poem its length is a word. Collect the word: words and words.

words are said for what is limited by number, which is closer to a few.

the speech according to the people of the language falls on the useful and the unhelpful, and when the grammarians do not call it except on the useful,

if they place it on the unhelpful, they restrict it to a character, so they said: neglected speech, abandoned speech, unused speech, and useless speech.

And the word: for the people of the language, it falls on a few and a lot, and this is indicated by their saying: So-and-so said in his speech, they want in his poem, message, or sermon.

How to pronounce Quran in English?

  • It is one of the most famous rules of intonation, which are letters (th / y / z) which are called gingival letters, and we bring out the tongue a little when pronouncing them.
  • The letters of the qalqalah, I think you know them, and they are combined in the letters of the sentence “Qutb jad.” Each letter of these letters, if it is a consonant,

is pronounced in an unsettling manner, as if you pronounce two letters and not one letter.

  • Why is it defined when it is pronounced and is a lunar manifestation, and when is it not pronounced and is a solar inflection? I think you remember them from grammar lessons when you were little.

What is a pronoun in Arabic?

  1. It is an obvious thing, but we do not pay attention to it. Letter (A) and letter (A) Is there a difference? Yes, the first is a hamza and the second is without,

and the hamza in the Qur’an has its value and it must be fulfilled.

Do not make it easy and pronounce every thousand without a hamza. At the same time, do not pronounce every thousand with a hamza if it does not exist.

2. The interrupted letters are at the beginning of some surahs, there are letters from them that extend two letters and there are letters that extend six letters, and they are distinguished in the Qur’an by the tidal sign.

Islamic pronunciation guide

  • Stop signs, and have a very important role in completing the meaning and helping you to divide a single verse so that it is easier for you to pronounce and understand in a correct and clear manner. And the stop signs, as many knows, are the codification of the end of the Qur’an, so take a look at them and pay attention to them when you read, for their presence is not in vain, but rather to straighten the meaning and verbal performance of the reader.
  • And you can pronounce Quran for kids throughout our website.

How to pronounce surah kahf?

  1. The easiest way to memorize Surat Al-Kahf There are many ways that can be followed in memorizing Surahs of the Qur’an, and among the methods used to memorize Surat Al-Kahf; It is possible to repeat an entire page of the surah until the completion of its memorization in the unseen, then move to the other pages, and do the same as he did on the previous page, until the completion of the entire surah, and either the chant is for a verse, or two, or three; According to the length of the verses and their shortness, and the continuation of repetition until the complete memorization of the surah, taking care not to exceed any amount of memorization until it has been memorized perfectly.
  2. If he finds himself glorified and perfect, then he should memorize it. He realized the efficiency of his method of memorizing the verses of Surat Al-Kahf.
  3. When memorizing the Quran, it is necessary for a Muslim to set a timetable for memorization, even if the memorization period is long.
  4. Continuing to memorize constantly helps to complete that task.
  5. Muzahim Talib Al-Ani, where wrote a book to help the Muslim memorize the Quran, and called it: The Guide to Memorizing the Qur’an, and the author of the work mentioned a distinctive way to complete the memorization of the entire Qur’an within four years for those who did not memorize anything from the Quran.
  6. Helping the Muslim to complete memorizing the Quran if he continues to memorize during that period.

How to pronounce hamza in Quran?

The hamza is the most common Arabic letter in the Arabic language on which there is disagreement among many scholars.

The hamza may come in the Holy Qur’an either singularly, such as they believe – if you like – they eat,

and it may come together in one word and it has many causes, including the question,

such as their ears, and it may be The hamza is combined in two words, such as taifa to, and in these types, there are different readings of the ten readings.

Yathrib pronunciation


Yathrib [singular]: a name that was given to Medina before the Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, migrated to it in 622 AD.


From (thr b) the present tense form of the verb thrib meaning his mother, and he changed it, and Yathrib was a name for the city of the Messenger,

may Allah bless him and grant him peace, so named because the first of the giants to inhabit it was Yathrib ibn Qani.


Yathrib is a noun for the city, and it is derived from the present tense and preceded in Tarab.


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