5 Best websites to learn Islamic Studies online      

Best websites to learn Islamic Studies online

5 Best websites to learn Islamic Studies online, many people search for the best sites to learn Islamic studies for free for beginners over the Internet, and it is no secret that this era has been able to provide many means of science, given the common technological development, and when some senior Scholars that there is a lack of learning forensic sciences, take the initiative to create sites that aim to spread legal science from its correct sources, the Noble Quran, and the purified Sunnah of the Prophet. In today’s article, we will talk about sites for learning Islamic studies online in the following lines:

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5 Best websites to learn Islamic Studies online

In the following lines, we will mention the sites for learning Islamic studies online as follows:


  • Quran Oasis has a studio for publishing new lessons.
  • In addition, the site includes several lists that include all subjects of Shariah and linguistic sciences.
  • As well as developmental sciences.
  • Quran Oasis is the first website on the internet to teach Islamic sciences for free for those who want to acquire it.
  • A large number of students from different countries in the world have been able to enroll in this academy.
  • The site also includes several lists that include all legal and linguistic sciences, as well as developmental sciences.
  • Also, each field has its own section, and Quran Oasis enables its students to communicate with the subject’s teacher for discussion and dialogue.
  • With the aim of properly transmitting knowledge to all Muslims around the world and removing ignorance from them.
  • In addition, the site offers tests for its students.
  • As well as a certificate proving that they have passed the educational stage for free.
  • Quran Oasis also has a studio that publishes new lessons on a daily basis.


  1. The Quran Sheikh website contains a very large Islamic library that contains a lot of sciences in various fields.
  2. Where there is a special list of the Holy Quran and its sciences.
  3. And another list that includes hadith and its sciences.
  4. As well as a list that includes belief and other intellectual schools.
  5. Quran Sheikh is one of the best sites to learn Islamic sciences online and the most famous of them that provide free distance education for Sharia sciences.
  6. The site contains a very large Islamic library that includes a lot of science in various fields.
  7. Where there is a special list of the Holy Quran and its sciences.
  8. And another list that includes hadith and its science.
  9. As well as a list that includes belief and other intellectual schools.
  10. In addition, it has a special section for teaching Arabic from the best sources.
  11. In addition to the Department of Culture and Education.
  12. Which is rich in the most important explanations for the student of knowledge.
  13. The site also has another list of supplications and remembrances, in addition to the list that includes lessons and lectures on Islamic science for senior scholars.
  14. In addition, the site provides its students with many advantages.
  15. Most notably choosing the materials that the student wants to learn and keeping them in a list for students called My Favorite Bag.
  16. With the aim of helping everyone who wants to acquire Islamic knowledge to find it in the simplest and easiest way possible.


  • The site teaches seven subjects of Sharia sciences, namely belief, interpretation, hadith, jurisprudence, the Prophet’s biography, Arabic language, and Islamic education.
  • Quran Spirit is also one of the best sites to learn Islamic sciences for free online
  • Which aims to spread the correct legal science among Muslims from a distance.
  • From its correct sources, the Book and the Sunnah.
  • The duration of study on this site is two years, with four levels falling under it.
  • So that the student studies five days a week, at a rate of three lectures per day, to be published live for three months.
  • Two tests are made per month for the subjects studied by the student.
  • Then there is the final test through which the student is transferred from one level to another.
  • And if the student succeeds in the four levels, he is considered successful.
  • This site contains a set of lessons and lectures on Islamic sciences.
  • As well as books are written in a style that suits the contemporary Muslim.
  • Is also one of the best and most popular free websites that seek to spread Islamic knowledge among Muslims.
  • This Quran Spirit website contains a collection of lessons and lectures on Sharia sciences.


  1. Top Quran Classes is one of the best free websites that contribute to the dissemination and education of Islamic science in an easy way for those who want to acquire it.
  2. Top Quran Classes is one of the best free websites for publishing.
  3. Teaching forensic science in an easy way for those wishing to acquire it.
  4. And the duration of study on this site is eight months.
  5. The first program, which is the general program, contains the three levels that work to strengthen and instill the fundamentals of religion, and its constants.
  6. In addition to teaching the student to respond to suspicions by teaching him the basics of the skill of dialogue by inferring with arguments and proofs.
  7. As for the second program, which is the special program, it includes seven majors taught by a general-level graduate.
  8. In order to help him become a distinguished interlocutor who supports his dialogue by inferring the evidence that indicates it.

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  • This site Rahman School is considered one of the best free sites that teach forensic sciences for free for those who wish to acquire it, in addition to teaching its participating students some life skills.
  • This site Rahman School is one of the best and most wonderful free sites that contribute to the education of Sharia sciences for free for those who wish to obtain it.
  • In addition, the site teaches its participating students some life skills through carefully prepared curricula.
  • And in short periods of time to help students consolidate knowledge.
  • The duration of study in this site is two and a half years, including four semesters, in addition to the preparatory semester.
  • This site is Rahman School of the best sites that are interested in teaching Sharia sciences for those wishing to learn it remotely,
  • But it is not free and it also includes the best explanations and lessons from the greatest scholars.
  • This site is considered one of the best sites concerned with teaching Islamic sciences for those wishing to learn it remotely but it is not free.
  • Also, tuition fees vary according to the degree obtained by the student.
  • This site includes the best explanations and lessons for senior scholars with the aim of enabling every researcher looking for means of learning forensic science to find them in the simplest and most accessible form.
  • The site includes much rich content with lectures on forensic science, as well as live presentation meetings so that the student can interact with his Arabic-speaking teacher.
  • This site is also considered one of the best websites that publish and teach forensic science in an easy way from a distance.
Best websites to learn Islamic Studies online
Best websites to learn Islamic Studies online

Why do we study Islamic studies?

  1. What benefit can the study of Islam give in the midst of uncertainty in the field of education today?
  2. I think this is one of the most important questions one can ask oneself about Muslim heritage and history.
  3. The importance of the question is not obvious and we should not take it for granted.
  4. In fact, Muslim thinkers rarely ask themselves this question – at least publicly, and anyway within this context, and this is very poignant.
  5. This may mean one of two things: Either this question is simple and without any importance, or its importance, despite its greatness, does not get enough appreciation from them.
  6. If the latter possibility is true, then we have a contradiction, as we expect academic specialists in Islam to have a high degree of sensitivity to this question.
  7. As a result, this same contradiction must be clarified.
  8. I will avoid going into this here.              
  9. I think it would be more useful if this question should not be addressed within the scope of Islamic studies but rather within the broader and more comprehensive studies:
  10. As we deal with the broad subject, the topics within the field of Islamic studies will become clearer when looking at them from within the context.

Benefits of forensic science

There are many benefits of forensic knowledge, including the following:

  • Learning the legal sciences is one of the good things that Allah bestows on His servants.
  • Forensic knowledge is the path that leads its owner to Heaven.
  • The angels are humbled to the seeker of legal knowledge.
  • The love of the seeker of Islamic knowledge is implanted in the hearts of all people.
  • And they seek forgiveness for him.
  • Even if the world contemplates this benefit.
  • It will have to face all the difficult things that it encounters on the path of science.
  • A seeker of Islamic knowledge is considered to be a fighter in the cause of Allah Almighty.
  • The loss of Sharia scholars is considered wasting, and the destruction of the nation.
  • The reward for their knowledge continues until the Day of Resurrection.

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Learn Islamic Studies

  1. Forensic science is characterized by being praised because it is the jurisprudence of the Noble Quran, the Sunnah of the Prophet.
  2. And everything else that is either a means of spreading goodness or a means of evil.
  3. And its ruling is according to its means and purpose.
  4. Seeking Islamic knowledge is divided into an individual obligation on all Muslims, and another section is an obligation of sufficiency.
  5. With regard to the legal science that must be known.
  6. It is knowledge of the foundations of faith and its pillars that can only be believed in, such as knowledge of Allah and His Lordship.
  7. And knowledge of all the attributes of perfection and majesty.
  8. The transcendence of Allah from every shortcoming and defect, belief in all of Allah’s names and attributes, belief in his divinity.
  9. And knowledge of all matters related to the validity of worship, and knowledge of the ruling on transactions between people.
  10. Except for these matters is an obligation of sufficiency, that is, if some do it, the sin falls on the rest.

The benefits of the Internet in teaching Islamic studies

  • Among the most prominent educational benefits and advantages of the Internet:
  • Facilitate communication between the teacher and the student, and between the educational and administrative staff.
  • Providing various information to students and teachers about various disciplines and studies.
  • Getting rid of boredom by moving away from traditional means of education and using modern technological means.
  • Give the student the opportunity to express his opinion on curriculum development.
  • Access to useful information at any time, from anywhere, and at the lowest cost.
  • Flexibility and not being restricted to an official working time, and working hours and places are open at any time.
  • The student receives the results of tests and exams immediately and without the need to wait.
  • Saving wasted time in transportation and searching for a classroom.
  • Availability of various means in education that enable the student to memorize and understand easily.
  • Such as pictures, videos, and educational recordings.

The importance of the Internet in teaching Islamic studies

  1. The Internet contributed to finding new educational means and helped both live teachers and students to get rid of traditional teaching methods that might cause them boredom and intense routine.
  2. Which made the educational lessons more enjoyable, and contained many interesting ideas and applications.
  3. Through social media, both teachers and students are becoming closer to each other.
  4. Students can communicate with teachers to inquire about many different study matters and issues.
  5. The Internet made it possible for students to obtain information in less time.
  6. Such as searching for information for the purposes of doing research and reports.
  7. The Internet has allowed students to access the information they want with less time and effort than it was previously.
  8. Such as searching in libraries among thousands of rows of books for specific information, to write a research or report.
  9. The Internet has helped researchers to access many references faster and more easily.

Is teaching Islamic studies online useful?

  • Teaching Islamic studies online gives the possibility of developing curricula and information on the Internet more easily than developing traditional paper-based curricula.
  • There are many educational websites that provide online education, which students can subscribe to.
  • As sites that people can subscribe to follow specific lessons or courses, some teachers offer.
  • When subscribing to it, the student can follow the lessons directly on the site, interact with the teacher, and solve the assignments given by the teacher.
  • In addition to the student providing his opinion and suggestions to the teacher.
  • Many of these sites offer the ability to record the lessons so that the student can view them at a later time.
  • The student can now obtain information and lessons at any time he wants.
  • He is not bound by specific working hours to access information and lessons.
  • Rather, the Internet, with all its information, is dedicated to him to use whenever he wants.
  • E-learning has contributed to moving the teacher from the realm of the tutor to a larger scale.
  • As the teacher became a guide and a guide, the student was no longer only a learner.
  • But also became a participating part in the educational process.
  • He could present his opinions and information and discuss them with the students.

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